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So it turns out that there is a bigger market interested in my writing about wargaming than just you fine folk, and it would be a shame if you missed some of the things that I was producing just because it's on a different platform.

Let's point at my inaugural piece, have a good laugh, and maybe have a conversation about what you'd like to see kicked around between the old lines of text.

Behold, an article about Tabletop Simulator and what it might be useful for.


Which opens an interesting proposition to offer to Steemit.

I have a remarkable amount of latitude in what the site is willing to accept from me in terms of content, so I would like to offer the Steemit community the opportunity to pitch me article ideas of things that you would like to see. That's no guarantee that any of them will actually see print, but it seems like the least I can do to help give back to the community in a public space.

Any idea that you put forth will be tagged with an acknowledgment of the source if it does see print. I wouldn't want to step all over someone else's glory.

Remember, our focus here is wargaming, both digital and miniature/board, but not heavily on the strategy gaming side because that's a sister publication.

Any suggestions should be in the following format:


    And a solid one or two sentence summary of the content.

If you don't have anything right now, that's cool. I'm going to try and keep the community updated with my work so that if you're already following me here, you can see how things are going and have one more source of good, solid, wargaming-focused content in your life.

Thanks to everyone who is involved and I hope to hear more from you going forward.

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