Building the Lesion! Warframe Weapons

in warframe •  21 days ago

Screen Shot 02-01-19 at 10.10 AM.PNG

This gruesome looking staff is called a Lesion. It's described as an "Instrument of unrelenting harm". It's kinda hard to build because there's 3 steps to it.

Building a Lesion would require you to have a Tipedo, which is this weapon:

Screen Shot 02-01-19 at 10.11 AM.PNG

After building the Tipedo, I had to Max Rank it first for mastery rank points so that I won't have to build it again or buy it in the future.

The Tipedo needed 2 different weapons to be built. The Bo, another staff:

Screen Shot 02-01-19 at 10.11 AM 001.PNG

And a throwing melee weapon called Kunai:

Screen Shot 02-01-19 at 10.11 AM 002.PNG

I'm still waiting for 12 hours before I can use the Lesion, because it's still in my foundry being crafted.



deveerei new.png




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