World of Warcraft Classic Adventures Day #2: Trip to Ironforge!

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So I've embarked on this journey of classic WoW not because I knew it was gonna be easy but because I knew it was gonna be hard and so far, it has been really hard and apparently I'm some sort of masochist because knowing the game was gonna be hard I decided to go ahead and level up as a warrior, the hardest class to level in vanilla due to the dependency of gear but the payoff eventually when I reach max level is worth it because it becomes one of the strongest classes in the game as soon as you start getting some level 50-60 gear and get a couple of your high level talents but for now, its hard... really hard!

I've managed to reach level 15 almost 16 actually, most of the people I started playing as already passed me by, not only because they got better leveling classes but because they have all been playing like addicts and I've been taking my time with the game and I'm actually enjoying it a lot! I finally got my 2 handed weapon and it was a mace and since this is classic, I had to do a 20 minute trip from westfall to Ironforge to get my mace skills trained! At least the return was way faster than getting there but yes, traveling in classic is part of the experience since in retail wow you got dozens of alternatives where you can travel from continent to continent in the press of a button while in classic you just gotta walk!!!


Did you read that? People are getting hospitalized for playing World of Warcraft again!!! Pretty exciting times! It really feels like we are back in 2004 but yeah some people have been taking this way too serious but I was already expecting that... for me it has been a really nice journey so far, I don't really play a lot hence why i'm level 15 while my guildies are 25-30+ and the added difficulty of being a warrior! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get there at some point, not today, not tomorrow but at some point! For now I'll probably start working a bit more on my professions before I continue leveling on a different zone since I ran out of quest in Westfall... the good old days are back!


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