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Hello steemians friends, we must say it before history crushes us: the madurismo is a dangerous fascist deformation that is dragging the most lucid of its leadership to the abyss.

First were the statements of Pedro Carreño talking about the irresponsibility of military actions against Colombia; then Diosdado accusing Colombia of leaving the border unattended and justifying the movement of troops to the area; Days later, Diosdado insists on his anti-Colombianism by denying nationality to the children of Colombians born on this side of Gran Colombia. Chaderton is dragged into the fascist war position. The matrix of opinion demonizing Colombians continues to form and Diosdado calls for unity against aggression against the nation. José Vicente alerts the president of the neighboring country to make no mistake, and the possibility of military aggression appears, thus entering the war scenario with Colombia.

These declarations are not fortuitous, they are not loose pieces, whims of the declarants, they have the intention of solving a problem looking for a culprit, and in doing so irresponsibly they throw us into the abyss. The incapable government does not find how to solve the deep crisis that we suffer, it does not manage to dispel the danger of a coup d'état, and it has no better response to the crisis than to manipulate the military with the danger of an aggression from Colombia, to occupy them in those and forget their responsibility, to see into the suffering country.

The fascist solution of mature to distract with a war, to demonize foreigners, has consequences in the psyche of the leadership and the masses. The first is to exacerbate anti-Colombian sentiment, a fanatized nationalism that is the basis of fascism, simultaneously encourages the war drums of Colombians, and a Colombian General accuses the presence of the ELN leaders in Venezuelan territory, there is already talk of illegal penetration of the Venezuelan Army in Colombian territory.

The irresponsible ones from there and the irresponsible ones from here lead us, without doubt, to hell.


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