The Biggest Nuclear Bombs ever made!

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Ever since the US dropped "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" on Hiroshima and Nagasaki every country wanted their hands on this new weapon of mass destruction. Today we're going to talk about the biggest that were developed and tested. Let's get started.

5. Castle Yankee.


Castle Yankee was part of Operation Castle. It detonated on the 4th of May 1954, with a detonating power of 13.5 MT. It was the fifth test on the series. The explosion caused a fallout which reached Mexico City in just 4 days after the detonation.

4. Castle Bravo


Another entry coming from the US, Operation Castle is - Castle Bravo, which was the first test of the Operation. It was detonated on the 28th of February, 1954, with a detonating Power of 15 MT. It was the most powerful Nuclear weapon ever tested in the History of the United States, with the Mushroom cloud reaching an altitude of 60,000 Feet (18.288 KM).

3. Soviet Tests #173, #174, #147


Our next entry comes from the Soviet Union, which they tested a lot of Nukes during September, 1962, over Novaya Zemlya which is located on the Northern part of Russia. It had a Detonating Power of 20 MT. Not much is known about these Nuclear Weapons since they were conducted in secrecy.

2. Soviet Test #219


Another entry form the USSR was the so called Soviet Test #219, which was detonated on the 24th of December, 1962, in the same region as Soviet Test #174, #173, #147. With a detonating Power of 24.2 MT is was slightly more powerful than the previous tests. And again there are no images or videos of this test since they were kept highly secret like the other tests.

1. Tsar Bomba


This is by far the most powerful Nuclear weapon ever Tested and made in Human history. It was developed by the USSR and was tested almost a year earlier than the other tests. It was detonated on the 30th October, 1961, with a Massive Power of 50 and 58 Megatons. This Nuke was two times bigger than the first and second entry.


As you can see this list is mostly dominated by Russians, i guess they had a hard on for Big Bombs. But Nuclear technology isn't all about death and destruction, there are a few bright sides like clean energy and such.

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