Oof MSNBC looking more like infowars..

in #war4 years ago

Man these smears on Tulsi..I just watched her on morning Joe and I can't believe the way they frame things..at the end with the whole, "Russians are supporting your campaign for president" which is absolute nonsense, disgusting that they even tried bringing up fake news like that which the sources had already been debunked by the NY Times over a year ago, and the intercept debunked the new NBC piece the day before morning Joe aired. But they rolled with it to grill Tulsi for bullshit.

Then before that, in the middle of the interview, I'm seeing that Joe and Mika n that Kasie Hunt have really drank the coolaid on Syria...there is ZERO proof that Assad used gas on his own ppl, even mad dog Mattis says they haven't found proof. However that doesn't stop MSNBC from touting outright lies about use of chemical weapons by Assad on his own people (unless they are so ill-informed they don't know the facts, which is possible I guess). MSNBC has turned into a mouthpiece for the war-machine. Why do they need to force a false rhetoric about Assad using WMDs? Attacking Tulsi for the idea of peace, and for actually understanding the history that they are so skewed on? Kasie Hunt clearly has no idea what's going on in Syria, but chooses to spew that Assad's main interests are to slaughter his own ppl; it's like Kasie thinks our troops are there fighting Assad directly, she is so lost that tulsi had to explain what our troops are actually engaged in, fighting ISIS. They are nearly pushing for outright regime change without much subtlety.. do I need to remind them what happened when we took out Saddam? Yes, ISIS was created in Iraq. What happened after taking out Gaddafi? Oh yeah Libya has slave trade in the streets now.

Tulsi honestly did a pretty good job not falling for their bullshit. And as a veteran of two tours in the middle-east and as someone who has visited Syria first-hand I hope an audience can see that she has a much better understanding of what's happening overseas than those stooges. I'm also hoping that you can see through some of that bullshit and see that Tulsi has her head on very straight and is a candidate for peace not out of ignorance, but because she has more experience in war than any other candidate and has a better understanding of the issues than most who speak on those issues in our mainstream media.

I hope you know that the claim against Assad using sarin gas is a false one and I hope you know how dangerous is it for a network like msnbc to maintain such a claim that has not been proven. I just hope you give Tulsi a chance!!! Still a Bernie guy but until he enters, I gotta share my outrage over these Tulsi smears..she is the shit!

Love love love,

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