What the Media Won't Tell You About Saudi Arabia

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Have you ever witnessed a mirage, something that appears real or possible but is not so? It's a term with roots stemming from the French and Latin words mirer, and mirare, both meaning to look at.

So it's time we look at the mirage of the desert, the consequences and effects of which have transcended borders and time-zones, and while the leadership is part of the illusion, the real deception lies in downplaying the reality and distorting the truth about this kingdom—that's why today we're going to cover what the media won't tell us about Saudi Arabia:

What's your opinion on the House of Saud? What is the media not telling us about Saudi Arabia?

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Trump Signs "Single Largest Arms Deal In US History" With Saudi Arabia Worth $350 Billion

‘Al Saud Likely behind Cholera Outbreak in Yemen’

After 9/11: the Saudis Who Slipped Away

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100 Days Later Qatar-Saudi Crisis Weakens Everyone Involved, With No Resolution in Sight
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/1.812171

Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia Was a Jewish Kingdom

Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11

Prince and the '28 pages': Indirect 9/11 link to Saudi royal revealed

Forget our misguided friendship with Saudi Arabia: Iran is our natural ally

Unlikely allies: Israel and the Saudis

War crimes in Yemen: Saudi bombs backed by U.S., Britain

Saudi Family Is Jewish?


Saudi Prince jailed in Britain for sexually abusing and murdering his male servant flies home to serve the rest of his life sentence

Breaking News of Saudi Crown Prince's "Secret" Visit To Israel Brings Embassy Scramble

Canada admits in court that the armored vehicles it’s selling to Saudi Arabia could be used in the fighting in Yemen https://news.vice.com/story/canada-admits-the-weapons-it-sells-to-saudi-arabia-could-be-used-in-yemen-civil-warThe

US may be aiding war crimes in Yemen

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Excellent video as always, really great resources here, thanks so much for including all the links for the video! Upvoted and resteemed. Peace!

Thank you very much for bringing this to the Light. I am just sickened by the continuing genocide of the people of Yemen! It boggles my mind how Saudi Arabia is seen as some 'good guys' by the West, yet they are destroying one of the poorest countries in the Middle East.

I hear so little about Yemen on the news. It's so crazy. Thank you.

The world is so unfair, some people are seen as less human . Just a terror attack that kills one in America will make headlines yet thousands are dying in Syria and people just look on....sad !

@reallygraceful have you seen this documentary
Posted by @tyrannyunmasked.

Yes, it's excellent.

Weird that YouTube would remove your video but not the other one. But then again your video was posted a few days ago while tyrannyunmasked's video was published in January.

Depends on media but for the most part, yes, most important things are left untouched

I am soon to visit UAE, a country closer to Saudi Arabia. Lets see how my trip go!

Hope you have a nice trip :)

Great info, right now on TV you can only see how government manipulate with people and spend our money for war and more control in state like Saudi Arabia. I trust only Social Media ;)

What YouTube Not Let You Hear About What the Media Won't Say About SaudiArabia 🇸🇦 At what I Hope is Reallygraceful on BitChute

Saudi Arabia's action is inhumane and the countries that are supporting it has inhumane governments too. Too many people in the west see Saudi Arabia government as good but its not the case, the genocide in Yemen, the support for ISIS, the support for many terror organisations along with the states.

Great post.

HEADS UP @reallygraceful - the thought police over at youtube/google pulled the video you had for this post, i was trying to share with a friend and that video is gonezo. I noticed you only put one video on Dtube up, if possible could you upload the saudi arabia one? it has a lot of very important info that I have been trying to share with others. Thanks again for all the hard work.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Grace @reallygraceful, I never like getting into YouTube commenting so I have held off from commenting on your videos in the past, I just finally came across your steemit and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your work. My research is in the exact same field as you, I have a degree in political science and communications and after a decade of self-directed research, I "know too much" and am subsequently labelled a conspiracy theorist. Unwilling to sweep this info under the rug I have recently dedicated myself towards getting the truth out and your videos have served as a great example of work to look up to because you manage to stay "really graceful" with your work despite the dark nature of it. Although I am taking a different approach you are very good at what you do and I could never do it as gracefully as you do. Keep up the good work and I hope to be a force for getting the truth out in the future.

Good luck to your in your future endeavor :)

I was banned from Facebook for talking about Yemen back in 2012 (?) and our government involvement with Saudi's involvement. I rarely talk about my research anymore because of the backlash.....Obama and Clinton are monsters along with the Saudi Arabia leaders.

That's wat they want is to shut us all up

That's wat they wat shut us all up

I still write about my questioning corporate media and our government. I just don't do it as much and I boycott facebook. I loath that site.

What specific post about Yemen got you banned?

Our government's funding the sale of weapons in that area.

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nice work
knowledge that you tried to share with us , it was really good
we learned a lot of things about Saudi Arabia
please keep posting

Is this the voice of Imran Hussain ?


I wrote an article about islamic tradition and radicalism, also having a brief look at wahabism. i liked your approach very much.

hi, nice to read about you.
i am, sajedul ahmed, from bangladesh,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you. so, can also follow me plz.and plz upvoted my post.
best of luck...

@sajedul04 am following you pls follow back.@egbujorvictor

In fact we Saudi's are open to the world simultaneously respecting our culture and heritage as a Muslim Arabian country.
I have traveled to many places around the world, when I deal with people especially Americans and Europeans, they think that we have limitation in our knowledge or education. I have experienced this many times and once I started talking with them, saying that how they are amazed as some of them think that I am leaving in a tent and riding a camel.
Where in fact most of the population are well educated as you can see many physicians engineers and scientists. The world cannot see that Saudis are changing and improving rapidly. And because of this the world cannot see the other side from Saudi Arabia.

Their days are numbered

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Some people are thrown off buildings.

I truley love your work! Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

source to way of improve

Great arguments

Thank you, Jonas.

Thank you very beautiful information

Great unique post i must state. Enjoyed reading it. Upvoted and following u as always. Please review my new blog on meditation and provide your feedback if possible. Regards Nainaz

thank you @reallygraceful for this info, everyone has to know what's going on

Great research! Thanks for putting all this info together!

I definitely agree with you! How does our government, they.... go into other countries, make little to no difference in their already uncomfortable lifestyle but then we have Saudia Arabia looking like their gods and goddesses when in all reality they're tearing apart other countries that need help especially in the Middle East. This stuff makes me sick to my stomach and want to vomit. It's hard enough as it is to watch the news and on top of it now we have all of this going on with nobody doing anything about it! I say stay out and let's fix our own countries issues first then we can worry about others!

Media censorship is for real been following for some decades now. Thanks @reallygraceful

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Quite frankly, it isn't painful to hear about this anymore.. what is more painful is the fact that I will keep hearing this for another decade or so, may be even more than that! The kings will remain kings, and oppression will go on being state-organized, backed and funded by external elements - and nothing will actually change for the betterment of humanity.

What's more painful to anticipate is that our future generations will keep seeing the same thing that I have been seeing since my early childhood. No real change is imminent, not in the near future at least. I live in Pakistan, and my country supports everything Saudia has done in the past many years, and I am sure that's how it's gonna be in the near future, too. Yemen is just one of the latest victims of Saudia's inhumane mindsets, and my heart goes out to the people of Yemen. But to me, this was just another item they crossed out from their checklist. That's how it is for them - the ones benefiting from wars, oppression and arming rebels, country by country, region by region.

Saudia has the "Islamic" importance due to the Holy sites it has geographically. Kaaba, the most sacred place in Islam, is in the heart of Saudia Arabia. This is one of the things they have been exploiting since years now. If a Muslim nation doesn't like them and get vocal about it, they won't let your citizens enter their country to perform Hajj. The way they recently did to Iran. I am not sure about this weapon they use, but that's certainly not the teachings of Islam I have been taught since my early childhood!

Ethnic cleansing will keep going on the way it has been, just like sectarian violence has dented my country too many times in recent history. Those who will stand up for the oppressed will be on their list too, and then it'll just be a matter of time when funded organizations will find their way in your country and start killing your people. It's just so.... easy to comprehend all of it now! The way big guns want the governments to run, for their own benefit and maintain the order that they want to put into place. It's beyond sadness to be part of this era, to be honest.

@reallygraceful. I am happy you are spreading the word. Yemeni's being killed by Saudis using western weapons. SMH.

beautiful arab country, when ya GOD I can get to the land of SAUDI ARABIA.


Why would the Jews have anything to do with this?

So.. Who is Behind ISIS?
I think Its the Usual Suspect

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