Irena Sendler – How She Saved Lives and Kept Them In a Jar

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A tutorial on how NOT to be accused of plagiarism on Steemit

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I have had a number of people – newbies usually – posting their links on my blogs in comments and replies. I’ve ignored them for the most part, but one yesterday got my attention.

He not only spammed the link to his ‘amazing’ story on one of my blogs, he then went on to do the same to two more of my posts (so far).

Added by edit He's actually spammed that link on 32 posts. Good Grief!

I took exception to this rudeness and I went to have a look.

The post I saw seemed familiar.

This is from my memory, so forgive me if I get some things wrong.

Irene Sendler was overlooked for the Nobel Peace Prize and she died before being properly recognised for her work in the war, rescuing children almost on the same scale as Oskar Schindler (Schindler’s List).

She was 98 when she died and though she wasn’t Jewish by birth or religion, she undertook great risk to help a great many children to escape the Nazi invasion in Poland.

That is what I remember, so the post really was familiar.

Because my voting power is low, I went on a digging mission. I like researching things; I find lots of interesting facts from wandering and meandering through the Google searches (and beyond).

For example, I found this:

Now, if the guy that spammed my wall had looked a little further, and read the site, rather than scalping straight from Wikipedia and re-arranging a few sentences, he’d have got a few facts that I hadn’t recognised and I would have been a little more impressed at his blog.

Here we go then, he challenged me.

yes the description in the start is almost same as that in Wikipedia well tell me how should have i written it? i cant change the fact that she was born somewhere else or she wasn't a social worker or anything else? Do tell?

Here’s mine.

Irena Krzyżanowska on 15 February 1910 in Warsaw. Her father was a doctor.


Irena’s compassionate nature was obviously learned from her father for he died from Typhus after contracting the disease as he treated patients suffering with it. His colleagues had refused to treat the sick and dying and as a result of his compassion, the Jewish leaders then paid for Irena’s education after he died, in recognition for his work.

I can imagine Irena’s mother telling her tales of her father as she grew up and the little girl, missing her daddy, could only have admired his selflessness and sacrifice.

Irena had more than her father’s spirit to fall back upon, however, her great-grandfather led a rebellion against the Czars. She was bound to be a spirited, fiery person, wasn’t she?

The Warsaw Ghetto became too massive for her to work effectively and she then began to save orphans.

Irena used her papers as a Polish social worker and papers from one of the workers of the Contagious Disease Department (who was a member of the underground Zegota) to enter the Warsaw Ghetto.

Irena and the ten who went with her into the ghetto, used many, many methods to smuggle children out. There were five main means of escape: 1 – using an ambulance a child could be taken out hidden under the stretcher. 2 – escape through the courthouse. 3 – a child could be taken out using the sewer pipes or other secret underground passages. 4 – A trolley could carry out children hiding in a sack, in a trunk, a suitcase or something similar. 5 – if a child could pretend to be sick or was actually very ill, it could be legally removed using the ambulance.

copied directly from the site

Irena kept stringent records of the names of the children she helped to escape and she buried those names in jars. She was the only one to know where the jars were all buried and when she was arrested, it would seem the jars, and therefore the details of those children were lost forever.

Irena was arrested on October 20 – which has since become her nameday.

She was taken to Piawiak Prison where her legs and feet were fractured under torture.

She was sentenced to death and was to be shot.

The executioner had been bribed and she was rescued.

After the war was over, she went and dug up all the jars with the names of the children, who they had been before they were rescued and which families they had been put into care with. She then undertook the massive task of finding the child and helping them to find a living parent.

‘Life in a Jar’ started as a National History Day project in September of 1999. Four students (Megan Stewart, Liz Cambers, Sabrina Coons and Jessica Shelton) began looking for information about Irena Sendler. Mr. Conard had given them a clipping he had found in a 1994 issue of U.S. News and World Report. The mention of Irena was in a story called “Other Schindlers.” Only one web site on the Internet mentioned Irena, it was not until the students visited Poland in 2001 that Irena’s story became known to the world. At last count there were over 500,000 web sites on the Internet mentioning Irena.



This post has taken perhaps an hour.

The accreditation is there, the sources for the pictures are there. Nothing has been plagiarised because I have quoted my sources.

The original post is here if you want to compare.
Spammed Post

Yes, I know I'm more of a writer than most, but it really took no time at all and if I had done a little more research and taken a little more time, I'm sure I could have written a LOT more about the wonderful lady.

Here's a tip for the newbies - at least those that have managed to read this far (everything worthwhile is worth waiting for).

Yes, Wikipedia has most facts covered, but that's not the only source of information. Go to Page 2 of the search and see if there's anything more on the subject you're writing about.

THEN, add your own pieces, opinion, a smattering of other facts and figures, ask your audience questions.

That way, not only will you have a well-researched and considered post, you'll have an ORIGINAL piece.

One last thing:

At last count there were over 500,000 web sites on the Internet mentioning Irena.

And all you wanted to do was copy from Wikipedia...

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Some people just try to hard to be something they are not. But stealing others' work is just so low...This a is a well thought out post and I thank you for putting this person in their proper place.


Thank you. I wanted nothing more than to show him how he could improve his account.

because he was rude and had spammed my wall not once, but THREE times on different posts, I felt I had to say something.

When I found he had spammed the same comment on 32 different blogs, I decided it had gone too far.


While not directly connected to this, I thought I'd share what happened yesterday, as it does concern being accused of it.
I'll leave the link at the bottom, if you want o see for yourself (its a funny post anyway)

I got cheetah'd yesterday - And was told it was because of some plagiarism -
Which is very weird really, as the entire post was a personal story, straight out of my head.

It has been pointed out to me, I wasn't down voted or flagged, but also told that just having that on my post, - 'cheetah'd' might make people think I am plagiarizing.
Which obviously - I'm not.

In fairness i did screenshot a hitchhiker off google,(but did crop/adjust it) but I don't think that would be construed as plagiarism.
And I couldn't find any link that cheetah gave in its comment connected to it.

I am said newbie, and it really naffed me off, to be honest.

here's the link- have a giggle if nothing else .


I get cheetah'd if I copy from my other blog...!It's good in a way but a pain in the ass sometimes. Don't worry about it, but just try and avoid copy and pasting anything from google :-)


Pics are the only thing I have done, as an addition to a narrative. I understand plagiarism principles -And agree - but post a cropped tumbnail pic seems a little bit .... draconian in application of the principle . I think so anyway.

(especially when there are 200 gif pics a day, in porn, taken from movies!)


I don't think @cheetah watches porn... ;)


maybe..........maybe not (pics alarmy, model my photos - to avoid plagiarism lol)


Nobody knows about his preferences :)


Or her preferences... ;)

nice poste !
Followed you Hope you'll do the same !! :D

I'm sure, you do not have to be an excellent writer to write the news in your own words. But many people here want to make money with a minimum of effort. But I must say that you are a really talented writer! And thanks for the interesting facts)


Thank you, I think you're right, some people do think this is a get-rich-quick scheme and don't think it's worth putting the time and effort in.

Thank you and you're welcome!

Irena Sendler great human being of all over the world

Great History and Good Post..!
and always be happy and plz Upvote Plz

Success! His post has been flagged into oblivion.

Let it be known far and wide, THERE IS NO LOW-HANGING FRUIT ON STEEMIT!

Being on Steemit is an opportunity and a privilege. It's everyone's responsibility to ensure we are offering value to the community in return for the rewards.

You dishonor yourself, and you dishonor Ms. Sendler if you can't even take the time to craft your personal thoughts and words in regard to her incredible story.

Good post, Way to do your part! This is how we ensure that Steemit holding each other accountable.


I flagged his post - not for copy-pasta but because he posted the link to that shitpost on THREE of my blogs PLUS one on @s0u1's too.

I never would have found the post to flag it if he hadn't have done that.

Ahhh...something different this time !

Will heed your advice..:)

I have to say your post caught my eyes it was Extremely heart warming post at 98 years old God bless her. Going to resteem your post Thank you so much for sharing


yep more people like her need to be recognized in this world. especially now since our role models are pretty much disgusing and selling their body and values for some 2 minute fame on the internet

great post like it and upvoted! The online market place is a wonderful industry for truth of the matter and lies. Now it is actually quite challenging to acknowledge where by the reality is.