Why would Syrian President Assad gas his own people when victory is imminent?

in #war3 years ago

In light of this morning’s Israeli air strike on a Syrian airfield in Homs ask yourself this question: why would Syrian President Assad gas his own people knowing this would provoke international involvement when, instead, he could just mop up what’s left in the resistance?


The US Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, has already come out and said there was no evidence of Assad gassing his people from the last time when the US sent tomahawks into Syria. Did we ever apologize for our response then?

This could escalate quickly.

Dozens reported killed in suspected Syria chemical attack

‘These reports, if confirmed, are horrifying and demand an immediate response by the international community," a State Department’ spokesperson said.’

Take with a grain of salt what you hear from the Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets. They lied about the last attack as well.



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