Bill Still Report - NSA Reveals 16,000 Americans Surveilled by FBI, 3617

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Here is a modern twist on the the same thing that happened prior to the fireworks at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge...ya know, where the shot heard around the world happened. Let me explain.

The British marched on Lexington and Concord in order to seize arms and gunpowder being stored by Colonials. Well, the British had to get the information about Colonials storing arms and gunpowder somehow....right? Undoubtedly, the British had people loyal to the crown pass them this information...this is basically just a spy gathering intelligence information....HUMINT (Human Intelligence) is the military term for this method. Well, today they monitor people via electronic communications in an effort to collect intelligence information.

My take....if you don't want someone else to see or hear communication other than the other people you are communicating with, don't do it over electronic methods or unless you use your own encryption method....and even this can be decoded if they put enough effort and resources in to it.