A Difficult Truth: Soldiers are Murderers, and Wars are Fought for Profit, Not to “Help,” Anyone.

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This is why many of those that return from war end up committing suicide. They have been fed lies about the “honor” of mass murder. When their senses return, the shame and guilt destroy them. If that is you out there, it is not too late to get help. Your life has value, and there is so much you can do to wake people up to stop this madness. Don’t throw that chance away.

The truth needs to be put out there, though. In order for the mass, legalized slaughter of men, women, infants and children to end, soldiers must say “no.” Young people must not enlist. No fingers on the triggers, means no guns can be fired.

Individuals should also, insofar as they are able, refuse to pay for these wars via taxation (legalized robbery). Cryptocurrencies are a great means by which to chip away at the system. Tax refusal (for those who know the risks and are ready), and alternative markets are also ethical means by which to say “Fuck you. No.”

This is war. Innocent victims of military conflict in Syria.

Is war glorious? No. It is not glorious. Not even according to those who have been there and emerged “victorious.” As Smedley D. Butler, one of the most decorated marines in US history points out, “war is a racket,” and businesses stand to make large profits from these unnecessary, INTENTIONALLY FOMENTED conflicts where the young and poor go to murder and die for the useless and parasitic in government.

What is war? Black Sabbath wrote this song to expose it for the hoax it is:

All wars are bankers’ wars. They are not fought to “help” anyone but the parasitic class.

I implore you to please watch the following short documentary showing how all wars are made possible by unsound economics. This is why Voluntaryists are so obsessed with economics. Everything comes back to property and individual self-ownership. Wars are fought because the masses believe in a non-ISO-based system of magical thinking which holds that a few individuals have what is more or less a “divine right,” to rule others. Please do watch the documentary:


FUCK WAR. Don’t enlist.




Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DTube and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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There are also psychos who enlist in the army just so they can go overseas and kill people. These psychopaths also make it into high ranking positions in the military and US government:

Catching me in the feels today bro. This is truly a hard pill for me to swallow.

One of my childhood friends was recently killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq. I hate to think of him as a murderer, and prefer to think of him, and my other friends, as having been misled.

Not to impose my own emotions, but I don't consider them all murderers. Largely because I want to respect them. Many of these guys are brought up like I was: in the belief that the military defends folks from tyrants. To a testosterated 17 year old male, nothing is more romantic than defending the entire world with a machine gun!

At 29, I'm actually just now getting to the point in my understanding where I can think about these things with myself objectively. At 17, that was impossible for me.

All that is to say that I agree on the immorality of war. Fuck war, and fuck the state. They killed my friend. But I can't say fuck my friends. I'm not mad about you or anyone else saying it though. Don't worry about hurting my feelings. ;)

War is murder. But I don't blame every pawn. Perhaps my stance is underdeveloped.


No man, I would never say "fuck your friend." What I mean is that killing a stranger who has never harmed you is murder. In that sense, your friend may very well have been a murderer. That doesn't define everything about someone, though. It is almost always done in ignorance. Brainwash, as you mention. Some folks even kill because they initially believe the threat is real.

I am very sorry your friend died. That is too sad.

I view this the same way I view a former friend of mine (I still love him as a brother) who became a cop. Our whole relationship changed. He is, in my view, a criminal. His job pays him in stolen money, and he has sworn to enforce cruel and unjust laws. Even in the act of giving a speeding ticket, he is acting in the capacity of a despicable thief. This friend has a wife and a newborn baby. His heart is not evil. I could and would never say that. I love him. I wish him the best. But, he still performs the acts of a thief every day he puts on that uniform, and that is ultimately his responsibility.

If there is a God, or some universal equalizer. Justice. It is my firm conviction that those brainwashing young kids into thinking war is glorious will be consigned to some of the hottest seats in hell, or whatever sort of retribution, if any, there may be.

The love your friend shared here will never die, though. That's what really matters. Goddamn the scum that create the propaganda. This is why veterans kill themselves. Because they do have a sense of right and wrong, and the state rapes their minds systematically to forget it, but they always remember if they are a sane, moral human being.

I am hoping more and more will start reaching out, and using their knowledge to wake up others, and not to throw their lives away.


Agreed. I was just wondering yesterday when we'll have another whistleblower.

I feel you on your cop friend. My dad was a cop in my younger childhood. I was explaining voluntarism to a fella the other day at work and he said "you're barking up the wrong tree with that business cause my dad was a cop." He was surprised when I said "oh cool, mine too." Lol

„Da gab es vier Jahre lang ganze Quadratmeilen Landes, auf denen war der Mord obligatorisch, während er eine halbe Stunde davon entfernt ebenso streng verboten war. Sagte ich: Mord? Natürlich Mord. Soldaten sind Mörder.“

"There were square miles of land for four years where murder was mandatory while half an hour away it was equally strictly forbidden. Did I say murder? Of course, murder. Soldiers are murderers."

Kurt Tucholsky

the amount of brainwashing involved in this is full on, telling young people they will be hero's when in actual fact they will be murders. So much education is needed and truth about what is being feed to people, War is all about power and money it is never about the people, I really would love to be around when more folks walk up to this idea. I leave you with a song I think you may like, by one of my favourite groups, the title is meant to be misleading, the song speaks so much truth. Cheers Graham for telling it like it is, I really appreciate that.


Thanks for this. Love how it is recorded. Love the words. Haven't heard anything with this kind of power in so long.


you are very welcome, I got to see them perform it live 9 years ago, one of the highlights of my life they are amazing live.

This is probably one of the most unpopular things one can say, at least in the United States, in my experience. Yet it cannot be stressed enough.

"It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets."

I knew someone who was former navy, and we got into it once. He admitted knowing that the military was not really "fighting for freedom" and that they are pawns of bankers, etc. But he still rationalized his participation and said he wouldn't lose sleep over following orders to kill. That was pretty disturbing. I haven't spoken to him since.


War is immoral, except in the act of self preservation.

I can't think of a single historical example of a moral war, and I've spent quite a bit of time looking.

Totally agree. The order follower is ultimately responsible for their own action, which is a very unpalatable truth for many.

You wonder why many people actually being in a war end up with mental illness??? It's not natural for the brain to commit mass murder and tyranny. Even though they taint it with the word 'Freedom', freedom for whom? No one, just blood and guts filled destruction. Lost support for Trump when he actually is going to war with Assad, presidents are a hoax and a lie.


Couldn't agree more.

This is very sad but has a lot of validity. Those are children in the photo you posted. It makes me incredibly sad having seen that. Imagine being the person responsible for taking those lives? No wonder they come back messed up mentally. It's not right...

You're right, the documentary is certainly worth a watch. There's quite a bit of American history there I wasn't aware of.


The history of humanity is gunned down with instances of armed conflicts and savagery that has not only torn the humanity into scraps but have caused irreparable damages to humankind and the world. From stone and sticks to weapons of mass destruction like nuclear bombs and more, the means of destruction has indeed come far, posing as a bigger threat to life and world today

Not every soldier has the motive to kill people i guess,some are their for protecting their country and coming to syria thier are several terrorist like Isis and all but now it is divided.
I respect soldiers a lot,they work really hard.
But i am not opposed to your post as some are their in that motive


Every soldier that pulls the trigger on a stranger who has never harmed him personally is a murderer. On either side. Good “motives” or not.

I realize not all soldiers have killed people. Those that have not obviously are not murderers. However, standing armies exist to wage war, and war, is mass murder.


Are you giving the example of syria?


Any war. In any given war, strangers murder one another.


But all the strangers are not soldiers right?


If I go overseas to fight a war, and I don’t know the soldiers over there, then yes, we are all strangers, never having personally harmed one another in our lives. Yet even so, we are told we must kill one another.


Now thats what i agree with and ya the incidence of syria makes people burst into tears.The picture below is ...... what to say

excllent post

I have always been against war. In my backwater inbred Hoosier town, I was always the lone pacifist. It absolutely is murder, murder that we are brainwashed to believe is justice.

Anyway, I could rant on this topic a lot, but it would just be a repeat of what you wrote above in different words. You said it well.

Christ man, that photo of the dead kids is heartbreaking. Knowing the reality of how many children are being murdered in the middle east is one thing, but seeing photos of it always hits me in the gut. I look at my kids and want to hug them. My anger for these fat cats who push the wars in the first place grows.