11.04.18 video from journalists.

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"Fire and iron" - episode 1 of the movie "Waiting". The documentary "Waiting" military documentary "NewsFront" Nikita Vozmitel is a unique project that tells about the moments inaccessible to the General public in the territory of Donbass suffering from war. The film tells the true stories of people, their character, thoughts and moods. The project, which shows the essence of the Donbass conflict. What do people expect from the future in Donbas? "Fire and iron" is the first episode of the documentary series, which for the first time shows the features of the training process of scouts of one of the military formations of the republics, which are in the "standby mode" of provocations by Ukraine. Few in Donbas believe in the "truce". Few believe in peace. And the locals was well learned during the war, this simple truth: to protect yourself can only themselves. "If you want peace, prepare for war" is the expression to describe the attitude of the heroes of this film. "

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