11.04.18. A message from the militia.

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"At 23:55 noisy in Donetsk. AP, BP, APL: arrivals of mines and artillery At 23:50 They noisy. AFU opened fire in the direction of n of the item Marinka — n of the item Trudovskie with application of large-caliber machine guns and small arms. The respective districts (the Kiev, Kuibyshev, Kirov, Petrovsky, Yasinovataya) and the surrounding villages - very carefully! Noisy: mortars, artillery".

Video posted by Yuri Kitten: "Roman Omelchenko "Plastun" - a hereditary Cossack, a volunteer, a soldier of the battalion "GBR "Batman" sun LC, separate reconnaissance 9 SME DPR - appealed to Ukrainians: "Tear off telbivudine! Don't be idiots! Normal people there is! Turn around and drive the enemy to the West!"

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