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RE: We Are One False Flag Event Away From World War 3

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Yes. I published this venn yesterday, which shows Bolton's financial connection to a major military-industrial complex company (EMS Technologies, a subsidiary of Honeywell).


I dearly love these Venn diagrams. They so clearly and easily show influences that inform consideration of the lack of integrity of our liabilities (some folks call them leaders, but they are the opposite of leaders, shoving us into peril, rather than leading us into peace).


hey valued, i noticed someone downvoted ya. looks like they r on a downvote spree fyi

Thank you! They started from a desire to show people what's going on without it being too terribly complicated. Hopefully it's working.

I tend to speak my mind, and some folks can't abide that.


Da-damns! These Venns should be the discussion-openers when talking about elitists, their motivations and the myriad speculations as to how they will behave in (-fill in your scenario here-). IF we start doing a better job speaking to the corporate/politico whoring that essentially "makes-the-market" in pivotal world events, regular people will be better able to separate fact from fiction and comfortably point to the shitholes taking decisions that are primarily based on their own enrichment. Nice work @geke

Wow, I just checked out your Steemit page and absolutely love these Venn diagrams. Well done! Please keep them coming; if you need suggestions for new ones I can offer some doozies. Following you now!

the one of mattis should be fun... then you add gmo silence of trump regime and mattis playing with theranos having access to blood... lol. can we have the jeffrey epstein one please? the cia/nsa one of it can be fun... but maybe with more holes than the fsb mss ones :D... that would be epic.

Those images are not yours! Why'd you sign them as such?

#AnonOpsGlobal #Anon #Anonymous

As you can see from this screenshot from 2012, the media still hates to give my branding any exposure, as they've cut it off in the graphic. However, they do attribute the graphic to me in the text. (BTW, these may be reproduced anywhere as they utilize only a Creative Commons license with attribution.)

I am proud to have found you, and now glad to be able to follow your future work.

In lak'ech ala k'in. <3

When I first started producing these venns, about 8 years ago, I used only a small text branding at the bottom that said "" (my website) and I started to see them showing up on reddit without the branding. I think there were five or six that were altered and plagiarized, so I rebranded them with a watermark so they couldn't be altered. Larry Lessig was using the altered venns and when I approached him and explained the situation, he posted an attribution to me.

If as such is indeed the case, then I stand corrected, and I extend an eloge for your hard work.
Thank you!

I have most of them saved on my laptop, but they're uncredited, beyond some #AnonymousUK hashtag.

Hence my outburst! 😊

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