Plan to End War Globally

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This is a simple plan to end war globally. The presentation isn't great, I know. Please make it better. But the plan will work. If just a few of us are willing to spread the idea, it will catch fire.

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It's a noble goal...but damn hard to pull off...I mean you just need one person to want to impose their will on someone else. In the conflict world..instability is the norm. Over coming that norm is damn tough, and harder to sustain...and harder still to reliably repeat.

It only takes one time, it won't have to be repeated. It will take one giant push by every good person in the world to break down the walls once and for all. The war mongering leaders of the world hold high positions, but they are few in number. It takes one good push by all people everywhere and we can break down these barriers once and for all.

That's not how it works. Hoping for one big push doesn't make someone who holds power want to give in to peace. Those that don't have enough, will always use force to obtain it. Those who disagree will always have force as a means of accomplishing their ends. It will have to be repeated...Look the US has made big state on state war expensive and largely obsolete...but they did that by creating a massive war machine...that doesn't stop smaller wards...or keep people from using violence as a tool to gather power. It's just not a simple as 1 big push.

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Nope. Definitely not true. Its me in the video, and I can prove it. You don't really care about that though. You need to get back into your cave.