Breaking News: Israel Strikes Syrian Tanks

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The situation in the Middle East continues to get worse.

A few hours ago Israeli warplanes struck 2 Syrian tanks near the Golan Heights.  Watch a video feed below

According to one report on RT, the strike was a response to 'a dozen spillover projectiles' landing in the Israel-controlled part of the Golan Heights from Syrian territory.

Whilst there have been no reports of casualties on the Israeli side - the Syrians have claimed that the Israeli strikes hit residential areas.

This incident comes on the back of the U.S. taking out a Syrian bomber in the past week.  This prompted the Russians to declare that foreign aircraft would be targeted from now on.  

The tensions in Syria - and the Middle East more broadly just keep escalating - it seems on a daily basis. Combine this with what's going on in Qatar and Saudi Arabia and it seems the region is heading in the one direction. 

More interesting is Russia's response to this.  The Bear is getting poked regularly in the past few weeks and you get the feeling that it will only take one significant response to set the Middle East alight.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

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when the Bear gets going (and it will) , thing will really be set a light for sure.

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