Stand Your Ground: English Second Language

in want •  17 days ago

Welcome to the Twenty-first century workforce, where Americans get yelled at and get told what to do. So much for catchy phrases I grew up with like, 'What the bleep you looking at?' Or 'Get the bleep out of here..' Now the lead from Honduras gets to mouth things like, 'They better do what I say,' not necessarily under his breath..and he's right. A whole generation of Americans came and left, from the time I started my new day job June 2017.

So the new Stand Your Ground is, they yell, fuss and fight; and you do what they say, or you lose your job. No one calls ICE. They stand their ground. You suffer the consequences.

People, we have gone back in time to the Erie Canal: digging by hand tool, unlimited whiskey, no wages. 1900's Nineteenth century, birth of a nation (1700's) Revolutionary War, we were the immigrants and no one told us what to do: don't tread on me.

And we spoke a common language: part German, part Irish, part native American. Whisky's a hell of motivator, to convince Americans to work for free. Not good for kidneys, bladders, livers. But we only lived forty years. English is cutting edge, the internet of language. A hodge, podge of something which sounds German, or Dutch, but has nuances which trick other Romance language groups to try and speak to you in their language. Psych!

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