I just want to be faithful

in want •  last year  (edited)

Where romance love when romance never existed ..
where love, when feelings are never perfect ..
I'm there because you're there ..
i'm there because you love ..
and maybe because of you I want to open my eyes ..

life is just for you ..
This taste is just for you ..
will i deny you ..
I want you..
i want him ..
i want him ..

a feeling I never felt for anyone who felt ..
taste that you should not have and never ask for ..
ingrained flavor and always slashing the soul ..
love is different ..
this taste is very different ..

will you be able to meganggapnya ..
should not be so ..
I should be more and more capable ..
sweeps thousands of dust in the heart ..
I do not know how long I'll keep going.
interpret love in thousands of my own race ..
only alone and hopelessly hoped as if hanging herself ..

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