These Cryptos could be the Best bets for Jan 2108

in wanchain •  last year

After the china fud, the crypto market bounced back like never before and had crossed 700 Billion Market cap in no time.

These new crypto currencies which just hit the coinmarket cap, have a serious abilities to get some serious gains, not by the end of 2018, but by the end of this January.

These are the best bets I'm counting on:

and with main net about to launch this 24th January, ICON of course gonna have a bull run, so does wanchain.

These two could be at least 10 to 15$ by the end of January if not more.

These are just my thoughts based on my research and hype surrounding them. Not an investment advice.

Stay healthy, keep smiling and happy steeming.

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I think you mean 2018 lol! Agreed with your list, I’m very excited for ICX and Wanchain to launch their mainnet later this month

Love ICX, will get some wanchain for sure, do you know if we can trade the bitclave we got for free on the MEW airdrop?


@tunetworker: I think so, and try to be a part of Match ICO, it offers free Bitclave just for browsing the list of ICO's.
A staggering 20-40 Bitclave tokens every few days just for browsing their list of ICO's.