How the wall street investors and bankers are trying to "dupe" the poor cryptocurrency holders with the help of Mainstream media: Conspiracy Theorists

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Hey all! I'm posting once again after a long long time... This time I have come across a post, which seemed to be scripted, but the irony of the fact is that the entire market is actually following the trend that is scripted. I don't know who wrote this post, but it seemed to be damn true to the core. 

Here is the link... :


The original Link can be found here:


One thing to be certain from this post is that, Fiat currency is the greatest paradox, which makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer.... 

One quote which comes on my mind again is: 

"If people of the nation understood the banking system well, I believe, there would have been a revolution by tomorrow morning"

Give it a thought, do share the original post and make it reach the masses for awareness.... 

Upvote, resteem and comment your thoughts if you like what I shared, and if you want me to contribute more towards the community!


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Don't panic n sell
Always try to buy in dip!!