The DowJones falls 666 points and what the Gematria tells the Smartest People!

in wallstreet •  10 months ago

Well if you don't know who Zachary K. Hubbard is now you sure as hell will after you watch this very important relationship that words have with numbers. I hope @gregorymannarino from Traders Choice gets to see this and maybe realize there's a lot more here than meets the EYE!
@Steemians should all go to Zach's YT Channel and have a good look at the fantastic work this "good guy" from Washington St. in America is doing and get involved with what he's doing and use what he tells you to get ahead in this clearly rigged and corrupt world.
From Baseball to Basketball to the Politics of this world they're ALL rigged and set-up to take advantage of the stupidest and most ignorant people in our cultures.
Please have a look at his work as people like Zach are very few and far between when it comes to being truthful and helping those who can't or would look out for themselves!
Maybe @lifttheveil411 could get Zach on , who knows?

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