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In this post series I will show you how I have built a wallet system on a Raspberry Pi for 80$ that is able to store my wallet in an encrypted file that is backuped to an usb stick and uploaded (encrypted) to google drive monthly.

  • Part 1 will show you what to buy.
  • Part 2 will show you how to set up the operating system Debian for Raspberry and how to create an encrypted container.
  • Part2a will show you how to set up auto upgrading.
  • Part 3 will show you how to set up a Backup and Samba so that you can reach the encrypted store as an windows share.
  • Part 4 will show you how to create a simple Telegram bot that sends you notifications what raspberry pi does.
  • Part 5 will show you some other stuff I do.


In the end you will have a network device that can store your wallet and other stuff you want to encrypt. It is encrypted by AES.

You will also have a backup of that encrypted file on an usb stick, and you will have a backup on google drive:

As eye candy you will be notified about Raspberrian's actions by a telegram bot:

Part 1

So what do we need? Let's go to amazon.

First of all we need a mini computer:

Here it is:

38$, perfect!

It's just a mainboard so we need a case to:

10$, perfect!

Some of you may be annoyed by the blinkings. In that case just buy a black one.

We need power so let's get a power adaptor:

10$, perfect!

Next, we have no storage, so let's buy some space:

10$, perfect! Of course you can buy a bigger one.

If we want to also backup it to an usb stick, let's buy an usb stick:

Guess what? Around 10$! Of course you can buy a bigger one.

I have also bought an ssd drive and a ssd drive case because I want more storage. You can do that also if you want to. Also I have to admit that there are cheaper things around, I have just taken the first thing that fit. There are also packages that contains all together for a cheaper price. In the comments there is enough space to explain everything


Time to wait:

It arrived! Next we will set the operating system up. I am not a native speaker so feel free to review my post.

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How cool is that! I'm very excited for the next step :)

Hi Steemian :) great you made it too. Looking forward to see more posts from you.


Hi fellow Steemian. :) Nice to hear from you! Don't worry, there will be posts!

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Happy to see a Raspberry Pi used in crypto.