How to transfer STEEM from Binance > STEEM Wallet *QUICK & EASY*

in wallet •  3 months ago

Very simple and easy process however took me some time to find this out online, so I will share here as my first post to assist and save others the time & hassle.

Step 1: Buy STEEM on Binance
Step 2: Select "Withdrawal" from your "Balances" tab within Binance
Step 3: Under "STEEM Withdrawal Address" just simply use your STEEMIT username! Thats it! - See Below Screenshot:
![Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 2.19.13 PM.png]

Step 4: Click "Submit" memo is NOT required

Processing took about 10 minutes and the STEEM was in my wallet on

Hope this helps everyone out!

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