BitGate enters Closed-Beta testing

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Our flagship project BitGate has now entered closed-beta testing.

BitGate is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows its users to utilise BankID (Norway's National ID system) to store, send and receive cryptocurrency. The BitGate platform is focused on providing a secure, compliant and easy-to-use solution for its customers. BitGate encourages the mainstream adoption of digital currency by tackling the challenge of compliant KYC/AML procedures.

If you're a Norwegian resident and have BankID on mobile and would like to take part in the beta testing of BitGate please contact us at bitgate[at]

We are working hard as we approach completion of the BitGate wallet and we are excited to share the results.



Thank for sharing this post sir..

Thank for you and most welcome to [email protected] sir.
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Most welcome @bitspace sir
Thanks for sharing this update cryptocurrency.
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Did you manage to secure a bank account?

Our banking relations are confidential.

this is looking really polished!

I vote for you, you vote for me. I like your post, your post is very good.

Great work done team, in my opinion it will give good opportunity to people of that particular country and they can effectively hold, send and receive Cryptos and this is really important because Crypto Sphere should be developed.

In this phase speculations increased to great extent and market also reflecting Red so we can see weak hands too so we need more stuff and developments to raise the Crypto Sphere and the believe of users.

So whatever developments will happen in Crypto Sphere that will inturn going to help in aspect of growth of the Crypto Sphere and it's needed because there are many Hodlers who are waiting for the growth.

So team, i want to appreciate your work and keep up this work and good luck for the future projects and developments.

Wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

I really have stayed away from tokens, partly because many of the seem to want funding based on zero working code.
Prove it works technically, then let's see if the business model is viable, then I might put some hard earned into it.

Welcome sir.
You my most choice man really.
Your post @bitspace is very valuable to us all

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