1st Walkwithme ❤

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Saturday Morning

It's sunny, not windy & warm! Well -6°C is warm when it has been -27°C and windy AF.  So, I say it's a nice day for a walk!! Ask my sis if she wants to go! She's in ❤ 

My lil' sis has been and continues to be my saviour, she's had my back these past 6 months. I can't think of where I'd be without her. ❤ U Sis!!! 

We set out on our journey! BYE GUYS!


Pups won't even look at us! It is too cold for them to be out. 


The walk begins!

![20180113_112442.jpg]() We set out along the path. We are walking in Strathmore, AB have you been here before? ![20180113_112947.jpg]() Some nice evergreens :-) time to catch my breath and take a pic of these lovely trees! ![20180113_113005.jpg]() And, a nice big frozen over wetland we will walk around. Good! Another chance to catch my breath! ![20180113_114826.jpg]() What's this?! I ask my sis, she thinka it's some dog prints. Mmhmm, sounds about right! ![20180113_115525.jpg]() Hmmmm, what are these? Tiniest little prints! So cute!! Even looks like the little critter took a slide in the snow! Not sure if you can see it in the pic.... photography is not really my calling -- i will stick to healing arts!! ![20180113_120143.jpg]() And, we continue on here is a memorial of a man i assune lived in the community ♥️ maybe i will learn more about him one day. ![20180113_120430.jpg] () Here's where I forgot to take photos! But, i will share the story with you. My sis has been taking care of me since July 24th 2017, last summer, i was in a really bad car accident. I will tell the details of that in another post but i couldn't care of myself. And, my sis and her family took me and my son into their home. And, now the time has come to move into our own home. And, we decided to walk by it as it is close to this sweet route. My sis hadn't seen the place before. Well! If the people moving out weren't out enjoying the day too while we walked by!! They invited us in. The place is perfect. They are moving to Nelson, BC tomorrow. And, they are getting married. Such a beautiful love story of Dreams Coming True. Oh my goodness!!! Was wonderful and exciting. She is even leaving me a scoby! What a walk! ![20180113_123544.jpg]() Catch you next time 🌺🌱❤☃️
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What an awesome sis! So glad you are getting your independence back, sounds like you have been through it! HUGS! and tip! cuz... you know... lol!

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Awe, thank-you! Yes, my sister's are all gems this one, Megan is pretty special woman no doubt there. And, she was wise enough to marry an equally awesome soul. I am certainly blessed by them.

Happy crusing the steem ❤

Congrats on your new home! I hope you stayed warm on your walk!

Thank-you Wren ❤ it was such a warm day! Glad we got out to enjoy it because it has gotten cold again since!! Weather changes so much being just east of the rockies.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

How awesome you can move into your own place again! That's fantastic!

I haven't visited where you're at in Canada, but I have visited Victoria BC. Other spots in Canada are totally on my list of places to visit.

It's exciting! ❤
Victoria is one of my favourite places! All of British Columbia, Alberta, North West Territories and Saskatchewan are Godscountry LOL! I have not been to any other provinces yet!! Lots to see, Lots to explore 🌺 Happy Steeming 🎆

You Guys who live in cold countries, Just the pictures made me shivver, nice to look at from afar. And great pictures, I love these walks. Thanks Jill

Thanks for your reply Andy! You're welcome. Will keep them up, now that i am getting the gist of it ☃️

LOL, i guess it's all I know. It's not as daunting as it seems but being able to grow food outdoors most if not all year would be fabulous 🌱🌺

Love love love this post!!!
Ohhhhh winter!! How i feel for you!!
Congratulations on your healing journey! And a scoby!!
Looking forward to hearing more on your journey!

Thank-you Earthmother ❤❤❤❤
I am looking forward to connecting with your journey too!

It looks similar to here, but I think it is colder and more snow where you are! Sorry to hear about your accident.. your sister is very kind to take care of you and support you. Glad to hear you have such positive spirits coming out of it all!

Hi @sagescrub :) Washington looks like a really nice place to settle in! But, is it illegal to harvest rain water-- think i heard that somewhere. Yeah, it's colder here and more cold the further north ya go! My sister....it has been just so wonderful to reconnect with her. I am 10 years older. I moved away when she was about 5! So, it's been a long time and we have grown into different people with age and children under our belts. To be rekindling our relationship and becoming besties, is amazing blessing in all this. I am wired to see the best always. Her husband and kids too.... just real awesome caring people. We are stronger together 🌱

I think that is the loveliest story that I have heard all day! Thanks for sharing that with me :) Family is amazing and i am getting closer to my parents and siblings.. there is nothing like that feeling.

I am pretty sure it is legal to collect rainwater in WA. Lots of homesteaders I hang out with here do it in one form or another. I think it was Oregon that outlawed it at one point, and then the law was repealed at some point after a lot of people spoke up in disgust. I don't know all the details.. but I am pretty sure it was Oregon that was int he news with that a few years ago.

Awe! Glad to have shared some good vibes with ya! It is great to hear your family relations are improving. That's awesome. Hopefully, everyone is willing to contribute and y'all can reallt enjoy each other, have lots of laughs and good times, creating many memories ❤

I am glad to hear the rainwwater thing has come and gone. It was a bit of a mind boggler for sure. Which is why I brought it up. It was a few years ago that i heard about it. Thanks for your reply on that.

Now, to get my entry in for the freedom challenge. Stiff competition! There are really great entries!!

Have a great day 🐒🍌

Compelling story. Glad to hear that you have the type of relationship with your sister where you can go and get well.

Honestly, the caring nature and self-lessness of having us in thier space. And, the positive ways our relationship has blossomed. Has been so good for healing. It's a bit of a hot mess story tbh. I will share more in time. Steemit has come at a real good time. Thanks for connecting ❤❤

Great your on the road to recovery and moving in to your on gaff! Lovely spot you picked there, I wish we had more snow this year but hey it not too late yet.

Great shots. Hey if you delete the info when you upload the pictures up to the () might help a little :) 💯🐒

Hi :) really appreciate the tips! So, i just delete tge [.......filename.....] and the ( before and ) after the picture?!! I am trying to learn all the good formating stuff. I think @teamsteem has some post on it. They are on my 'to study' list. Thanks again. Have a wonderful day ❤❤❤

Yer it takes a while to learn. But delete up to the http and the ) after jpeg. :) Have a cracking day/night 💯🐒

...what does 'gaff' mean? Thanks for your great positive vibes ❤ i am also a practicing reiki master and recently single (i checked put your introduceyourself post so not sure if this status has changed.) I look forward to following your journey. Best wishes and blessings 🌺

Gaff basically a house place to stay! Yep still on my tod! And still doing reiki well not practicing; as I well lets say it too much hassle business wise. But now my life is going to plan, i'm looking at starting again! Have a cracking day 💯🐒

Sooooooo epic! Congrats on the upcoming move, sounds like the place already has a tonne of good energy in it <3 Your smiles are so radiant at the end here, it must have been a great day!

Such good energy. Such a blessing. Life is so good. Beyond grateful for you my sister 🌺

Ooohhhh a new house and a scoby!! Glad to hear you are well enough to move with your son <3 Congrats on your new beginning:)
I think your photos are great! Especially the curvy trees!

❤ really though!?! It's so exciting. Thank-you so much Karen! I am so passionate about trees too ❤

Nice to see you out walking and sharing.. I'm a wuss.. it was to cold for me today..17°F

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

LOL, when i first calculated this i thought you'd written -17°F. So, i calculated that to celcius and was like -27°C, okay yeah that's cold!! Hahaha 😂. Then, i come back to comment, and look again! Recalculate, it's like -8°C, that's about how how cold it was the day of our walk. We were so hot! Took off our mits, toques and wished we'd worn our light coats! Too funny. Today it is twice as cold at about -15. Stay warm friend!!!!!!! And, i don't suggest you move any further north!!!!

Thanks for the reply and the laughs Dave ❤

Oh no way I'd move to Canada.. way to cold.. I like my flip flops to much

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Wow! This is really cool ❤🙊 Thanks so kindly for nominating me @lyndsaybowes 🎉🎈🎆🎁🏅 what a sweet gift!!! I am feeling so happy to recieve this 🎊

yogajill-9 is my bitshares address 🏆

TROPHY sent! I look forward to reading more of your work! Thank you.

Ugh, I just can’t imagine what I’d do without my baby sister! She’s my best friend. Aren’t we lucky to have awesome sisters?!?!

A new place and a SCOBY? When we moved into our place, the only thing they left us half a roll of TP and some gum stuck to the kitchen floor! lol

LOL ❤💜 sisters are THE best 💙💚 good luck with your kombucha adventures!! I have brewed it in the past with great success. Except ..... when the fruit flies got into it. That sucked!! And, i have not tried brewing it since!!! I will wush us both 'good luck!' 😁