Talking Flower

in #walkwithme4 years ago

Look at this guy. He was screaming at me as I walked by.20190320_124523_HDR.jpg
...look at me, look at me... I'm Red

Hi Red. Red is a flamboyant young man. Bright and colorful. He talks a lot, he was a tad bit conceited, he kept saying "aren't I a handsome man, isn't my color so vivatious..."

I'd swear he was glowing, radiating light even rather than mere reflecting.

I could hear him singing as I walked away... "I'm alive, woohoo I'm alive, look at me I'm alive..."


thanks for sharing the nice red rose.

Hi how are you? What a beautiful rose.

He is a gorgeous fellow, so I can kinda forgive his screams for attention... 😂

Great capture, Steven!

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