Walk with Me: Tobogganing And Releasing Some Resistance

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It’s a winter outdoor activity. It generally involves strapping some plastic or wood to your ass and sliding down an ominously steep incline (as fast as you can).

Yes. It’s super fun.
Yes. It can be dangerous.
Yes. Ice is a hard hit.
Yes. It’s cold.
Yes. It’s great exercise because it’s all uphill walking in snow.
Yes. It’s now a banned activity in many areas due to lawsuits.
Yes. People sue others when THEY get hurt...but no one is forced to hurl themselves downhill and we all know the risk when we’re standing at the top. ?
Yes. I can find a slightly better feeling thought.

Right now.


Don’t you feel better?

We just need to get to a hill....only a little further.


Ok, we’ve arrived and the conditions are favourable to engage in some outdoor winter fun.

This is an unploughed road. It’s had a few vehicles up and down it in the last 12 hours but pretty much is untouched.

Once the tracks are used a few times, some speed will be achievable.

The first few runs are slower until the resistance is reduced...

Just like with your manifesting abilities when you want to turn what you think about into something real; something that you can actually see, hear, taste, smell and touch.

You’ll reduce the resistance on your ability to receive things from its vibrational form, once you re-train yourself to think positively and make that your natural default setting.

(Most of us have been conditioned to keep full resistance on and our default thought setting is tuned negatively.
When this happens, you constantly reinforce all the negative things that you let your mind think and not much can change.
A person just keeps focusing on all the stuff that they don’t like. This is the same as repeatedly placing a large request for more of what they don’t like to come directly to them.)

It’s a negative loop (on repeat) and as such, change is very slow.


Once that resistance comes off, you’re off and flying in both scenarios.

It is not unusual to catch some air and take flight on a fast hill with a slippery sled.


Here we go!

This time I am sitting on a snowboard instead of laying on a crazy carpet. (The last time I was on a snowboard properly was 2002. My friends are parents. They have a 5 year old. I am slightly bigger. They’re running beside me because habits are hard to break. It’s sweet and it’s one of the reasons why I love ❤️ them so dearly.)

Snowboards are meant to be strapped to your feet. I am choosing to sit because the board is too big for me so I am using it as a toboggan or sled.


We managed to stay at it for a few hours. You can see some proper boarding happening in these gifs.


The cold temperatures eventually drove us inside for the evening.

Fun (resistance released) was achieved along with a good deal of laughter.

The goal:

Is to have fun;
Be able to witness your own creations materializing;
and to become proficient at co-creating with others.

~ Rebecca


I'd love to have a go at tobogganing the closest thing i've done to that was sandboarding lol

ooooh, sandboarding! I have never sand boarded before @chekohler. In loose sand, I think that the sand would be similar...probably hurts the same when you wipe out. Lol! with the exception of the temperature., my imagination takes me to almost the same place in my mind. ;)

Indeed it hurts bad when you wipe out lol! At least I imagine you don’t have to spent time washing every inch of you to get the sand out of every part of your body

You are right about the washing of all crevices to free them from sand.
Ice is like pavement and gravel so you do your best to stay high (hurts less) and in the powder (also low on pain).

I need this snow now 😮😮😮😮😮😮😣

Really @foxkoit? It hasn’t shown up yet or you want to have some fun sliding?

No we not have yet so strong snow ... some week back here was small, and then next day it was cone. :((

We’ve had snow on an off since November. Today is raining and warmer (+ 3 ) so there’s a lot of standing water covering black ice everywhere.
It’s been cold quicker than normal this year and this is actually early for us to be able to go tobogganing. Usually this is a February activity by the time we have enough base built up. ;) Get ready...I’ll send you some.... that falls (LOL) and is under the category of be careful what you wish for, Rebecca’s still learning ... you want the kind of snow that is covering the trees or is super squeaky when you walk on it?

Yes ... I want lot snow ... but I see this big snow come in next months :)
Every year this big cold start come when year first months start.

It’s the same here (usually).
Just for fun... I’m going to make a request (of the Universe) to provide a beautiful, gentle snowfall for you to experience within this week. On your end, imagine the snowfall you want and then do your best to just be happy and not think about the details of the hows or whens.
I’ll do the same on my end and we’ll see what happens.

Once it materializes, take a picture. ;)

Could be a new challenge or game, that we can all play anywhere on the planet.

What do you say? Do you want to try it?

lol as much as I want to do that I bet I will freeze a lot of things in that sliding jk
While we literally see no snow at all in this side of the world but I bet it sure is a lot fun out there hopefully one day will get a taste of that slide ;)

Anybody (here) would teach you. We would bundle you so you wouldn’t freeze. This is a Canadian right of passage. We regularly strap our children to plastic without head protection and push them down hills for fun. Lol! It sounds like it wouldn’t be, but if you make it to the bottom of the hill, the urge to do it again and again is too much for us to fight.
The first time that I went snowboarding, it took me 3 hours to make it down the hill (once) due to wipe outs. I remember the next 2 days after that ( like it was yesterday) because I was so sore from falling and using different muscle groups. Hey, but once you get it, you always have it, just like learning to ride a bicycle. ;)

I wanna be there

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