Walkwithme Morning Walk - Foggy Morning

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Hiii My Friends,

Good Morning to Everyone, This morning when I go outside for routine Walk I saw whole area covered with fogg. I am feeling too much cold. I took some pictures and decided to post them, So here is my Entry for #walkwithme which is initiated by @lyndsaybowes.



View of Fields in Fogg and Selfie in fields during walk.




All Pictures Taken with My Brother's Mobile Samsung A7. then I received via Messenger.

Thanks for visiting My Post.

Need Your Appreciation and Support, Thanks.


Remember in Your Prayers, @rabeel


Salaam Rabeel,

It just reminded me of the cold wave we are having in Pakistan right now and everything seems to be covered with fog.
You even went out for walk and look at me how lazy I am. I was sleeping at that time and even went to the class late today.

w.salam @suf1an, Thanks a lot for your visit to my post and comment. I think morning walk is the 2nd name of health. you should get up early from bed and join #walkwithme.

I live in a city where I don't get morning countryside walks.

Fog is cool and gives a sense of heavyness, but grab some coffee and head out.

Love the captures.

Thank you for the courage you display when sharing your content.


Thanks a lot for your compliment.

Wow great job, it's very cold my dear.

Thanks @maya7 for your support and love in comment.

Way to go @rabeel :) It's so nice to see your selfie :) A beautiful walk in the fog, it was really pretty <3 <3 <3

ohhh that's my pleasure, you visited here. Thanks a lot for your continous support and encouragement.

need your help can you help me??

can You give me your fb id pls???

I am not using FB mostly now. send your fb id, or whatsapp No. I will contact you when i free.

you take a walk in the cold me i will be in my bed covered and hiding from the cold, its good to take a walk , its good for the body

Hahaha, you stay in bed . walk is essential for health.

Awesome photography with beautiful scenery. Nice activity of morning.

Thanks Imran

waoooww !! what a foggy morning man <3 I love fog <3 you made my day <3 I wanna see more pics like this in future so I am following you :) Keep in touch have a great day :)

Looks eerie with the fog, but cool! Looks like a nice place to take a stroll :)

Thanks for your lovely comment

Nice weather it is. I also use to go out in morning special in foggy days when cool fog doesnt allow your body getiing warm due to jogging. Follow @artlovers and lets make a another friend, i did the same. God bless you @rabeel.

Thanks, Followed

Very pretty walk you had :) the foggy field picture is just so mysterious!

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