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We usually go for a walk to the same place close to our home. It's a long hiking trail in the forest and there are many paths that you can choose from. All of them are in the circle (more or less), so you can be brave and take any of them as you can't get loss even if you try.

As we can't travel now and go there quite often, we started to feel like there is not much to explore for us, and therefore we went to the forest on the other side of the river. Not a big change you might think but it is better than walking on the same paths again and again.


When we walked up to the top of the hill, we saw some thick walls but we didn't know what it was. Luckily, there was a sign with some information. We learned that it's the ruins of a castle called Neuburg.


The castle Neuburg is one of three castles at the Rhine Falls. The other two are Schlossli Worth at the river and Schloss Laufen overlooking the Rhine Falls. They are in great conditions, unlike this castle. Both of them are used as fine dining restaurants and are in high demand.


The ruins were discovered in 1935 during an archaeological research in the area. The oldest artifacts that were found here date back to 4000 BC (scraper, drill, knife blades, etc).


The castle was built in the 10th or 11th century. It is just a guess as there is not much information about it. Everything what is known about this castle is based on the assumptions of scientists. It is said that it was probably used to monitor the ships on the river Rhine.


It's an interesting and mysterious place...

The walls are built in the shape of a square and I wonder if there were parts of the castle which were completely destroyed and there is no evidence of them. It might have had a completely different shape!

I walked on the top of the wall around the entire complex and my husband tried to walk around on the outside of the walls but it was not possible as there was a cliff on one side and the path ended there.


I have read that this castle is one of the less popular castles in the area, but people seem to know about it as there was a fireplace too. We might come here in summer with our friends for a picnic!


This is how it looks from afar. You would never guess that once it was a castle...


This piece of trunk was randomly (or so it seemed) placed on the wall of the ruins and I kind of liked it. It so doesn't belong to the atmosphere of the place but on the other hand it also somehow fits in there perfectly.


I hope that you have enjoyed our visit of this interesting place.

Thank you for stopping by!


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