## Romance Of A Pair Of Cute Cat ##

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Cat is one of the pets are very popular all over the world, including indonesia. A pair of cats that I see from where the neighbor's pet, they have the values of romanticism in dealing between male and female cats. This cat is an animal that is kept by the community with a fantastic price. This time the cats have stout bodies that make those gemes saw it. Cats have a strong instinct in terms of smell smell so that it can be felt by him from distant places such as there is a smell of fish smells so he can follow a scent smells fish.

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This cat does not like doing a fuss or fight with wild cats out there. This cat is living like a King who prepared a special terhidang with food brought home by the master cat. This cat very tame with us humans and spoiled and have cute and funny faces. The beauty of this cat can attract the attention of people who came to his home. This cat when out of the House is also less secure because there are certainly people who want to steal. The life of a cat is very happy because this cat very received by his master.

How To Make A Fat Cat

  1. Add nafu-packed
    We should be able to add or fishing cat appetite. There are a few steps to make the cat increase appetite, such as wet food memolesan cat on the nose, exposing food to our cats.

  2. provide food with High Protein
    This is one of the keys to success to make the cat being fat where we give it food high-protein food.
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