#WalkWithMe Butterfly Beauty

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The life of the butterfly seemed to be gripped by the wind. Butterflies have a long process to transform into a simple shape like the picture above.

The process of birth of a butterfly butterfly is from a caterpillar often housed in the banana staple.

Many believe that butterflies have a very short life span. In fact, adult butterflies can live for a week or nearly a year depending on the species.

Butterflies can lay eggs once or many times each year. The number of descendants a year differs in climatic influences, whereby butterflies living in the tropics are able to spawn more once a year.

The butterfly larvae, the caterpillar, feed on plant leaves and spend all of its time as beluncas for food. Most beluncas are maun, but there are some species like Spalgis epius and Liphyra brassolis that feed on insects.


You did a really good job on these photos.

Thanks @lyndsaybowes... Very happy when a job that we do there who appreciate ....
And many also I see your drawing so interesting and in my opinion extraordinary. Want to learn more from @lyndsaybowes.

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