struggle and result

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Hi steemians friends all meet again with @manokna in this beloved steemit room. May you always be good and successful. on this evening's occasion I would like to share photos of my hard work.




This steemiti friend is a beautiful handwork, starting from looking at the pile of garbage that is no longer used, then take the initiative to use the used items to be used as artwork that can be displayed in the room to be made. The room looks beautiful and can also be used as a gift for the husband's birthday. At first glance it is a big building, but if a friend is paying close attention then it is just a handwork.
Hopefully we can use the used goods to be handmade.

I thank you very much for visiting my best friend hope you like it all. Once again I thank you very much

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Thats a nice little house. Keep up the good work!

Welcome @Manokna, what you do looks pretty cool, hope you like to be here on steemit
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Welcome manokna, hope you will have a great time here on steemit!

vote back guys :D

Welcome to steemit! Enjoy :)

Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
You can follow my blog @hrishikeshmatre

Wow! I can see great potential on you! Keep on posting about you artworks. Can’t wait to see them all.😄 great job my friend. Followed and voted for you.