145th Walk With Me in Nova Scotia 🙂

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Good Day #SteemFam!

Care to #walkwithme today?


Y'all know the Finer Diner, they have a fancy new sign incase you didn't know where the parking lot was hahaha. (It's very visible from the road.)

Fenceless in Nova Scotia


I was chatting with my friend @nickgrujic about NS, and how no one outside the city of Halifax and Dartmouth have fences really. Seeing a fence is pretty damn rare. Here is some proof-of-no-fence for you Nick, as promised!


A few homes will have a line of trees separating the properties, even that is pretty rare. Is it because people out here have more space? Are they less afraid of, or angry with, their neighbours? It just strikes me as so Un-Smeagol-Like...perhaps I have on rose tinted glasses though. This province has gotten into my Heart.




Colours So Vibrant Against Fresh Snow




The Sidewalks Left a Lot to Be Desired

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 1.51.26 PM.png


I didn't bother trying to get up Heart Attack Hill. Just on the street leading up to it I was falling on my ass, couldn't imagine trying to go uphill, nope, not today. I stuck it in reverse and got the fuck outta there.


Back Home to My Bitchez


They've been dustbathing in the raised bed lately, the ground is too wet.



Wingboots being a nice girl.


Effing Girdie, shitting on my deck. One of the (many, many, many) reasons they live up to the name #chickenbitchez :D

Icicle Season Hath Begun!


The light wasn't very good, I like catching them first light in the morning, and late afternoon. There will be an icicle post guaranteed this month. I know, you're on the edge of your seat...lololololol


Thank you for joining me on another day, in my beautifully ordinary life #SteemFam, I'm sending love to each and every one of you ~
I'll See you in the comments.

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Thanks for the walk Lyndsay. Stunning white countryside as usual... No fences, don't you have predators like bears and things... Only joking it seems like a nice idea. But We do like our privacy when sun bathing 😎😎😘

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I have privacy when sun bathing. its called trees or better known as bush. and no homes behind me. a fence does not stop people from seeing you sunbath. most fences in Canada are chain link. you can see everything, even wooden fences do not hide much.

Wow @lyndsaybowes, that there looks like an amazing walk, and those pics ..wow !

Why not using Actifit as well for tracking your walks? :) Btw we started our AFIT to STEEM upvotes exchange couple of days back. Details on our recent @actifit account posts (no link just not to come off as a spammer lol)


I would love to, I don't have a device though. I love @actifit and support all my friends who are using it, loving the work you all are doing!! <3

I do think more space - both lends itself to people not needing to define "theirs" quite so much when they aren't fighting over inches, and, well, because fences are expensive, and to install a big one - especially on hills! - would cost a lot. LOL
Also, you have a beautiful view - not like in the city, where you are likely to have a view of your neighbor's windows or traffic or trash cans.


Very good points, thanks for idea-ing Phe!

Great to enjoy your walk too Lyndsay! I think it might be tough to put fence posts into rock! Or maybe my idea of the Canadian shield is skewed. Ahahaha! None-the-less no fences are best unless you're trying to contain cows, sheep or goats LOL looks like alot of snow over there! I love the colorful images of the crab cages (i think that's what they are!!) Careful out there on all that ice! And, happy egg gathering in all this snow & cols best of luck with it!! 🥚🍳 haha i imagine the struggle is real. Love and blessings accross the cold many miles between us ☀️🔥🍏


Lobster traps, yep! As for the eggs, you may have seen my mini rant on Billie's frozen egg post...I have a lot of hunting to do...the gals will be eating hard boiled eggs for weeks once I find all of their secret ice nests...!

"I stuck it in reverse and got the fuck outta there".


All looks so priddy in the snow. Dem feathery fuckers too baahhaaa!


The feathered ones are being real muthercluckers...I will show more evidence soon.

Those places Looks wonderful and loved the chickens photos too :D


Thanks for visiting us Davood!

All the photos that I love and are dear to my heart. BTW not all that many fences in the city either, believe it or not. Which has surprised me. Which is awesome. me thinks. :))

Pretty area and chickens looking good too. :-)

Great to see you after long mam... this place is really amazing i must say... nice photogrraphy as well.😊

Great photo session, @lyndsaybowes. When all of this snow falls, how do you know where are the roads and paths!?


I was just hoping to not run into any snow plows...

Oh you got a proper icicle right there! If it falls it will spear your head LOL! Great colors in those shots. I love all that nautical type of stuff!

Hi this post was one of those I really liked..I like seeing new places as I'm going to apply to another university in a foreign country so I'm totally interested in seeing what is everywhere's lifestyle and weather and culture is like..
I wanted to admire your post but recently steemit doesn't let me comment a lot since I have low steempower...
thank you for commenting on my post too..
nice pictures and nice theme again :))


I delegated you a small amount of SP, hope it helps!


Wow thank youu... yeah it really helps and.. you're the best..
I can't thank you enough.. kindness of you helping me as a newbie here..

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