Christmas Windows NYC

in #walkwithme4 years ago

During the Christmas holidays, the streets and stores around Midtown are decorated and it's so much fun walking around taking in all the holiday cheer. The one thing I I like to see are the windows at the major department stores. Each store will have a different theme and usually they are works of art.


This year the theme for Bergdorf Goodman's is Bergdorf's Goodies.


Barney's is: Make Change #Centiments. Behind the words is a wall of shiny new pennies.


Macy's Sunny the Snow Pal is a fun and cute theme.


Theater of Dreams is Saks 5th Ave's Holiday theme.


Of course there is the iconic Christmas tree at Rockafeller Center. It's quite magical with all the lights and topped with a giant Swarovski star.


Wishing you all a Happy Holidays!

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