Walk with Me in Andalucia

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Hello everyone,

Today I bring you my first contribution to @lyndsaybowes' Walk with Me series. Thanks @davedickeyyall for reminding me of this great tag :)


I had the pleasure of visiting some friends in Andalucia earlier this week. After a delicious lunch together we enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunny soft rolling hills nearby.



We started off walking through areas filled with really tall cañas and passed this beautiful tree.



There were a few homes and buildings dotted around but very quiet overall. We only saw one car the whole walk. My type of place!

Walking along we came toward a bridge and me being me, I had to take a detour to photograph it. It was a pretty treacherous climb down to the bottom but I wanted to get some nice photos. I had an even dodgier time climbing back up but both me and my camera emerged unscathed. Worth it!



I was so immersed in the landscape that I kept falling behind taking photos, thankfully my friends were understanding and patient with me!



It was really green and lush with lots of wild plants growing, lavender and St. John's wort to name a couple. I don't get the latter growing at all in my area so it was neat to see. To my surprise there were a few almond trees blossoming too, it's pretty early for them but who's complaining? Not me!



All in all it was a beautifully picturesque place, the sun was beaming and the fields were full of wild yellow flowers. I could get lost there, I'll definitely be back again soon for more walks to take lots more photos!

I hope you enjoyed my #walkwithme, don't forget to take your camera with you on your next walk and add to this lovely tag!


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Resteemed. What beautiful countryside and the weather looked amazing. It looked like a really nice adventure. Thanks for sharing with us. Andalucía is such a romantic sounding destination always in my head and I can see why now. Your photos are as wonderful as ever too!


The weather was perfect there, a great experience all around. Thank you for your kind thoughts and your support :)

Hi GC!
Beautiful pics - thank you so much for sharing your wonderful walk.

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thanks for stopping by @icedrum! Glad you like the photos :) I appreciate your U&R!


A pleasure GC - your photography is TOP notch!

Where did you take your hike? I don't see any alcornoques in the photos. It looks like the weather was spectacular for you!

Ah, how I miss those walks! I lived in Andalucía for three years and miss it greatly. A couple friends of mine were very knowledgeable of the land and history around the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales and turned out to be great guides :-)


This was in inland Almería. I hadn’t been this inland before so it was great to explore a new place. Sadly I didn’t see any alcornoques!

Where in Andalucía did you live?


That's probably why. I lived in three places: Jerez de la Frontera and Los Barrios in Cádiz, and Ronda in Málaga. If you get the chance to see Ronda, it is a beatuiful town, though a bit isolated. There are great hiking and cycling routes in the area.


I'll be sure to remember those locations for further Andalucian trips, especially Ronda! I'm always up for a hike. Thanks for the recommendation @fotosdenada!

Great photos @gardeningchef sounds as beautiful as it looks thanks for sharing 🙂

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Thank you @digitaldan, pleased you liked it!

I am agreeing in total walking in that beautiful nature there in Andalusia where I found my new home and felt in love more than 20 years ago is a great idea to clear your mind and come down to recarge your batteries.

Zwischenlinie-2 für Steem-Post 940x120.png
with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas


Thank you for your comment Don Thomas - it sure was the best place to clear my mind and enjoy the countryside with lovely people :)

The countryside looks so relaxing and inviting. I am sure you really enjoyed your time there.


It was just as relaxing as it looks! I had a lovely time there :)

That bride is awesome !tip


Cheers Dave! I thought so too ;)

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