You Have Set Me Free

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Though we may try as much and as hard as we can. Not every day and time will be glorious and loving as we might want it to be.
There will be road bumps along the way. I/we must understand that.
Especially do I need to understand that. The evidence presents itself to me all the time and in various ways.
I just have to read the signs of the times. It should be and can be obvious if I/we will just observe what is right in front of us.
But, along the pathway of life and learning.
We will have much to enjoy until the brighter day/s arrives.

Until then. We can see what we want and make of it what we will.
These are not "tombstones."
They can represent the rocks of truth that we all know and believe to be true.
20180312_180415 (1).jpg

The struggle continues though. Each and everyday until that time.
Much as this tree struggles against the chocking vines.

When we are locked out. We have to move on to friendlier offerings of open arms.

The colors of life are all around us. We do not need to despair at every moment of the day.
Even though it is true that we can be prone to do so......................

We will look forward to better days and bluer skies.
I know as you do that it will surely come.
We only need to believe.

We have been set free.

Added to Youtube by: Lauren--Published on Feb 16, 2012

Thank you for following along with my blog.
I will try to present my Steemit life as well as I can.



wow nice post nicephotography

Thank you


Awesome photography dear ,
Enjoy your day , and keep posting

I remember the first posters on Steemit saying there were times that it didn't seem as though it was worth it to spend time posting.
I can see now a little of what they were thinking.
But some stayed and Steemit is what it is today because of their persistence.
I am glad that they did.
Thank you


Very beautiful pics , last pink flowers pic is awesome .
Have a nice day , thanks

Wow wonderful Flowers . it is really look . this is great article .
this is very very beautiful photography and good work.
love it this video.
Thanks @francisk.
Have a great day.

Thank you. It is very pretty.


Oh yes, our future depends only on our progress and diligence! Excellent photos of nature delight, these green lawns, trees and beautiful flowers are magnificent! The lyrical song in the video is very melodic and inspiring! Thank you @francisk

Yes thick and thin comes in the life. All we need to keep our hope alive and remain positive. For every dark night there is dawn. World is so much colorfulll we should enjoy the color of life. Keep sharing such an inspirational post @francisk

Wow excellent photography and great work.
100% like and resteem

Marvelous home garden and beautifully keeping of first capture. Every steemians most inspire after see your photo shots. Encourage via your contents. Whole area glorious in ever green trees. Every time see flowers via your post. I can understand how you love to flowers.

It's looking tombstones. But It's seriously rocks. Most stunning pink coloring orchids and silence crowded road. All are attractive. Great #walkwithme post @francisk.

@francisk, All are better in blue sky indeed environment. Coolest and silent place I see. It's non crowded. Beautiful orchid flower attractive me lot. Interesting song sharing. Whole post awesome. Thanks for inspiration.

Don't despair, Francis. There are plenty of places that are welcoming! Just find one of those nice buildings that have brightly-colored signs and can get you food quickly. For only a few dollars they will welcome you in and give you food to eat. :)

Full path clear ahead lets go wow this is really great to see on the weekend you are having fun :D

Awesome rocks, Francis. I like rocks. The orchids are stunning. You have a good eye for beauty, Francis!

Thank you
I know that I have to keep on doing what I can. No one else can or should do my work.
So, I keep on learning as I go. It is a continuing road.


Wow amazing photography and nice place.awesome musics.

For your post propagation.

Hey @francisk great job once again,you have kept all your efforts into this,all the best.

Absolutely love the orchid pic!

Nice trees.

Amazing pictures bro,I really never missed your blog,you have created such on impact on me,thanks a lot.

wow very beautiful photography


nice photography and very nice post

@francisk done a great job,you are such a hard working guy.

This is wonderful article and Great photography. so nice video song and love
this. thanks for sharing
Upvote Resteem

Impressive photography & as well as writing sir... 👍
& I want to say that I'm always with you sir... & will support you always... Keep going sir.. ☺️

Wow fantastic photography
Resteem Service

Well that is how life is ,some happiness some sorrow :)

Life is a great gift to us !

Nice shots @francisk liked the flower by the way !

You really play with words, its motivational and the pictures are awesome

wow nice post wonderful photography and great work. i like photography. thanks for @francisk

nice place,,,
i liked ......thanks

very nice photography

Honestly this is really inspirational...
The words and photographs fit perfectly...
Thank you for this beautiful post.

love to walk with you

Excellent photography and beautiful place..........//////////

Nice places. I will walk with you in this place, if you want. I believe that, Walkwithme is a good platform. God bless you.

Woow, blissful photography with that flowers.
Awesome your words.

Excellent post with interesting pictures.

a very good post kawan.saya very like in your posting it

This was really deep. Thanks for sharing your philosophy....

"tombstones.",Great comparision with truth you are very true,lots of love,all the best,btw amazing pictures.

Wow very beautiful photography & nice photo i like it thanks for sharing..

nature photography i like this. @francisk

Beautiful flowers there the pink was so nice thanks for sharing

exciting to see this wonderful have a bright and beautiful day enjoy :)

cool path to walk on with both hands open and fly like no one cares

the music is on and the walk was so fabulous to enjoy :)

the upcoming days will just get better and amazing with time

Just mind blowing your photography man.
Resteem done.

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