This Is Just A Test Post

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I know.
I have long been forgotten and it should be that way.
The Sunset is where I was last seen walking into for some time now.
Many days ago.

Before I continue on with this post.
Let me remind you--not to upvote--this post.
My S/P is on automatic and I can give you next to nothing of value for your upvote.

So why am I posting this on Steemit for everyone to see?
It is because of "Little Dove."
She never quits asking me to post again on Steemit.
I don't know why. There are thousands of posts to see and enjoy already on Steemit.
What little I can add to Steemit doesn't impress very many. Ha
Julia's Family - Copy.PNG

Getting material ready for Steemit and then putting it altogether had been a huge time sink for me.
And one of the greatest times for us to gain wealth is right upon us.
Life changing wealth is often referred to by those that should know.
Even generational wealth is heard many times as well.
If that is true? Then it will be a beautiful thing for those of us who believe.

Since I have been gone. I have tried to find out as much as I could about the coming wealth transfer that is coming our way.
This month will be the very last time to buy crypto coins at these reduced dollar prices if the experts are right in their analysis.
"Covered up with wealth" is the phrase I often hear and see.
And no. I am not that expert. Ha

The long road of many months and time is nearly over.
A few short miles/days is left for us to travel to get to the promised land of amazing crpytos.
Believe it. For some reading this. It will be life changing.

No more will we be viewed as living on a side street of less importance because of our crypto views that some reject now.

And what we have safely stored will become to us and to others.
Private property.

Even the people that live here would be open to hear about our success and what they can do for themselves as well.
It is coming. It is a beautiful thing for us.

So let us get back on the road of our coming success knowing full well it cannot be denied to us. A lot of us are as prepared as we can be.
I like that.

We will stay out of the dead weeds and grass that has so plagued us in the past few months.
Never again do we want our thoughts and painful passions at times to be so exhibited such as this below.

I will now add just a little tidbit for "@juliawilliams" before I leave for now.
She likes color and flowers.
Just a little tip of the hat to her kind ways and thinking.

And some of you may remember that back in the days of my daily Steemit postings.
I added a song that I liked and most often they were love songs.
In the days ahead.
Love songs will be overflowing me because of happiness and crypto excitement.
The darkness in nearly over.

Added to YouTube by: Bpshoa Aucsig--Published on Mar 18, 2017

And we all have to believe that Steemit will rise up in value too.
Thank you


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Hi sir,

Good morning sorry for my so late reply,
I really miss you my dear sir please join us again as soon as possible.

We want to s good days together.

With love and respect.


Thank you.
I appreciate you so much Little Dove.
You never give up.
You always keep trying.
With love and respect.


Wow fantastic photography. it is really look for sunset photos.
thanks @francisk
have a nice day.

i know how it feels to want to walk away from this platform. i myself have had 3 'im out' posts :P
this was beautiful. i can see why friend wanted you to persevere
keep on steeming

I have missed you, Francis. Don't be a stranger!


I have been doing other things/chores that I need to keep up with.
You have been one of my faithful followers.
I have changed my Steemit strategy some as you can see.
I put my S/P on auto.
Get ready for an big move of the cryptos to the upside as is often said.
It is being spoken and written as starting no later than the first of Oct.
We shall see.
The one that I have a lot of confidence in is Digibyte. (DGB)
I could be wrong. But I don't think so.
If the dollar price of it goes up a lot in the next few weeks.
I will exchange some to more stable coins.
I think the DGB will be a trading coin. The people's coin.
We will have to have some coins to purchase and trade with.
Thank you


PS. I still like Litecoin

Beautiful starting with evening scenery image and nice finish with gorgeous song @francisk. Middle of the post cute lady include family. They increase more beautiful.

oh dear, I love your pictures, those sunsets look great in the clouds

Wow amazing sunset photo shot . Really fantastic scenery . I love to sunset . Your all photography is very beautiful . Thanks for sharing @francisk

Lovely scenery and a naturally beautiful environment , the photo is uniquely beautiful and of high quality as well.

Excellent photos from your walk, my friend, your plants and flowers delight me! Thank you @francisk

Nice post..... Don't forget to upvote

welcome back to friend! it is very beautiful

Well missing a lot of your posts now a days my daily does of happiness :D

Now don't you go breaking my heart, Burning Man...



You never miss do you?
Little Girl.
If I try to scale the tallest mountain. There you are.
If I swim to the bottom of the deepest ocean. There you are.
If I try to hide on Steemit. There you are.
How do I escape? Wherever I run. There you are.
So I give up. You win. You always do...................
Thank you for all you do Little Girl.
I can never repay you. "Ever"



You owe me nothing @francisk.
I cannot sit back and let a post, the caibre of yours, go by without the recognition that it deserves.
I will not accept this inconsistency. It's not right. That breaks my heart.

most everyone's VP is low. post anyway.. :)

There are so many unique fashionable images. I love evening sunset there. Nice background to see.

Nice pics , I think this a indian family in your pic . Am I right ?


Yes you are.
Thank you


Its amazing blog post @francisk i am glad to see you again,who is that little girl.