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Finally, after 6 months we were able to travel to Slovakia again. I was looking forward to it for many weeks. However, until the last moment we were not sure if we could go or not. We decided to travel by car, so that we would not face issues returning to Switzerland, but it was not certain if we would be able to cross the border to Slovakia or not.

In Switzerland, we have quite a few new infections every day and Slovakia could close the borders from one day to another which would change our plans significantly. My husband might have not been able to cross the border as he doesn’t have Slovak passport, or residency in the country. Luckily, after a long trip we crossed the border and could finally relax.

The trip wasn’t easy. There were many road works in Austria, the highway was closed in two places, and therefore we had to drive around villages in the middle of nowhere. It took us more than 10 hours instead of 7.5 hours which we expected. We arrived at 5 am in the hotel and I don’t remember the last time when I was this happy to see a bed.

We only slept for 4 hours and got ready for a date with my sister who lives with her boyfriend in Bratislava. We went for a walk and had delicious lunch together. Then we went to my sister’s place for a cup of coffee and returned to the hotel as I was too tired, and we had dinner plans with our friends. I almost fell asleep on her sofa!

On the way to my sister's place.

The view from her apartment.

We woke up right on time for dinner, got ready and left the hotel to meet our friends. We had a great time and chatted until 1 am in the morning. It was so good to catch up after such a long time. The food was spot on and we will return to this place when we visit Bratislava again.

Excuse the quality of these food photos – I may have started the evening with a drink or two 😊

The best vegan burrito for dinner? YES!

Never had curry with roasted potatoes before but it was a great combo!

You can't go wrong with udon noodles.

The next day (after a few hours of sleep) we drove another 6 hours to my hometown, and it wasn’t easy again. The weather was against us and it was raining almost all the time. The rain was so strong that we could only see a couple of meters in front of us which again made the trip much longer than we expected.

Before the storm.

After the storm. I didn't take photos during the storm as it was too scary.

But it was all worth it. It was so good to see my family again. And our little monster as well...

Before the haircut.

After the haircut.

We went on day trips, traveled around, cooked together, and had two amazing weeks in my home country, but I will write about all our adventures in the coming weeks. We are now back in Switzerland and even though I could have stayed in Slovakia much longer I am excited to be online again and share some pieces from my life with you.

This is one of my random posts, but I think that it is important to update you about what I was up to as I was quiet for some weeks.

Thank you for reading!



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