Quality time in the garden

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When we visit Slovakia, I can’t wait to spend some time in our family garden. I love seeing how it’s blooming in summer and I also enjoy family time in nature. It’s located next to a forest and it’s not uncommon that we have foxes visiting us too!

Our garden

We got it a few years ago and it’s without a doubt one of the best investments of my life. When the weather allows us, we go there and have BBQ together. We also invite some friends from time to time, so our garden is alive all summer.

View from the garden

It was a hot sunny day – a perfect day to spend in the garden.

We used to have various veggies in the garden but as my mom stayed alone in my hometown because my siblings left home as well we decided to change it to a relaxing area where she can go with her dog and don’t worry about all the work that needs to be done when you grow vegetables.

We still have plenty of flowers and some berries. From time to time she plants a tomato plant or two and when she feels like it, she grows some paprika as well. This year, as we've been having a lot of rain, she only planted some dill which she used to pickle cucumbers that she got from my uncle. Easy peasy.

It didn’t take us long to collect raspberries, red currants and sour cherries. While we were collecting the berries, my husband and my brother started the fire and we grilled the corn on the cob that we took with us from home. Sweet corn must be one of Maxo’s favorite foods. He loves it and could eat tons of it. He was so fast that I didn't even manage to take a good picture of him eating.

Raspberries are my favorite. They are so much better than the ones that we get in shop.

My mom loves her sour cherries. I like them too but prefer them in cakes.

We were a little too late for red currants. We left many of them behind as they were dry already.

Blueberries were not ripe yet. We found a couple of them that we ate there but it wasn't enough for a cake.

These apples are delicious! I don't get to eat enough of them as they are ripe when I'm not there but when I do I enjoy every single bite.

Our red currants harvest - my mom baked a cake and stored rest of them in the freezer for winter.

And here is the flower part of our garden. I must admit that I don't know how most of them are called but it doesn't bother me much. It's enough for me to see them and enjoy the constant buzzing of bees flying around collecting pollen and sweet nectar.

These flowers are as big as my hand!

Can you see the fly posing on the leaf?

These are so delicate.

This is a new addition to he garden as we haven't planted Lilies before. It's some special sort as they are unusually short for Lilies.

I used to see so many of these beetles when I was a child. These days it's rather rare that I cross my path with them.

There were dozens of bees on these flowers! It made me happy to see them.

Working hard...

Tiny but impressive...

And we had this visitor resting on a bench next to our BBQ. We moved it back to the grass.

I hope that you have enjoyed my short tour of our garden.

Thank you for reading!

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