Museum of the Liptov village in Pribylina

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Liptov is one of the best regions when you want to learn about history and traditions of Slovakia as these attributes of our country are still appreciated and preserved there.

I was excited to spend a few days in this region as it is one of the areas that I haven't had a chance to explore before.

One of the places that you should visit when you're around is the Museum of the Liptov village Pribylina.


The history of the museum dates back to 1972 even though it was open to public in 1991. I've learned that it is the youngest open-air museums in Slovakia.



The region of Liptov might have been relatively poor in the past, but it had rich cultural and historical traditions. This museum is very special as it managed to create a model of a village with features of a small medieval town.



The visit of this museum was a great ending to our short vacation. The entrance fee is EUR 6 per person and it includes visits of the manor house and the church as well as a train trip.

There is a restaurant, stalls with artists creating their artworks, sheep freely walking around, an old train that you can take to the nearby village and follow the traces of the old Považská Forest Railway, Gothic-Renaissance manor house from Parížovce, and the early Gothic church of the Virgin Mary from the village of Liptovská Mara to admire.


Among around 40 objects there are some true gems, such as wooden constructions, and rare medieval stone buildings.

There are also performances by folklore groups, reconstructions of various ceremonies and traditions, pottery process, work with wood, and many more. Their website seems to be updated and you can easily find information about upcoming events.

Feel free to get some souvenirs inside of the museum as everything is authentic and handmade. There are some stalls in front of the museum too but I wouldn't get there anything as the items are imported and not original to this region.


The museum is situated in the forest, surrounded by beautiful Liptov nature. We were not lucky with the weather and the peaks of High Tatras mountains were hidden behind the clouds but you might be luckier when you visit.

The complex also includes a static exposition of the forest railway and an educational trail with many information boards.



The buildings are copies of original structures from the region (with some original elements), especially from the area flooded by the dam called Liptovská Mara. The idea to establish the museum was born in the 60th in order to save valuable buildings from the construction of the dam.

I think that this is the reason why we have many similar museums in Slovakia - there were several dams built in the second half of the 20th century.


You can see how various classes of people (from poor to rich) used to live hundreds of years ago. The atmosphere of the museum will bring you back in time.

The life of common people is introduced by houses from Liptovská Sielnica and Černová and represent the daily routine of the poorest inhabitants of the region.

(My grandma still has similar clay pieces at home)


On the other hand, there is a house of a rich farmer who held the function of mayor of the village.

You will be able to see differences in the life of these completely different classes of people. Many objects are fully furnished, and you will be impressed by cozy interiors and natural materials.

(All in one - it was typical that all family members lived in one room. You can see here 3 beds, a dining table and working tools. The kitchen is not visible but it is on the right side of the room.)

(A fully equipped workshop - my grandma used to make fabric and had similar equipment at home. The one machine that is in the back on the left side is still stored in her house.)

(Small windows were practical as they helped to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.)

(The best pans and pots in the world!)

(Natural medicine)

(Traditionally painted dishes.)

This museum is often visited by school classes as well as it offers easy and interactive learning of our cultural heritage.

It is easily accessible from the highway and great for families with small kids too.

(We visited the manor house as well but I will tell you about it next time.)

Maxo had a great time too! He wasn't allowed to take the train, so we didn't go neither. It wasn't that bad as it was cold and windy, and we preferred to stay in the museum anyway.


I hope you have enjoyed our trip!

Thank you for coming along!


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