Bachledka Treetop walk

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Bachledka Treetop walk is situated in the Pieniny National Park, on the ridge of Spišská Magura. It has opened its doors two years ago and we have already visited it twice. I'm sure we will go there again as it's such a lovely place and I like this region because of its traditions and good food.

The trail is more than 600 meters long (but you have to walk back too, so it's more than 1200 meters in total) and it ends with a 32 meters high observation tower. Recently, there have been several treetop walks opened around the world.

I like the idea as it's not only about beautiful views but you can learn something about the forest, animals and plants. There are some great attractions for kids as well! I have also seen some adults trying them though.


Our trip starts in the valley. We have stayed for 2 days as we wanted to do one more hike nearby. It's only a few kilometers to get to the treetop walk but some places are challenging and require some effort. Many people took a break in the middle. There are some bench on the way, so take your time and enjoy the surroundings.


The views from the valley are spectacular. I'm sure you can't wait to see how it looks like on top of the hill. Let's go!


I took a photo from these trees last time as well. It looks so nice. They are standing there like soldiers.


And here we are! The weather in the mountains can change unexpectedly and as you can see there were some dark clouds already, so we hurried up as we didn't want to be caught in the storm.


Here we go! When you walk on the path you can feel the wood trembling under your feet. It's not the best feeling but you get used to it. The path goes up to the height of 24 meters above the ground.


In the middle of the forest you will be introduced to a number of protected animals and plants, uniqueness of this site and consequences of the devastating weather conditions.

If you are interested in learning more about the region you can join one of the various programs, such as bird watching, nature exploring, and many more.

The wooden construction is built in a way that it doesn't disturb the ecosystem of the forest but on the other hand it still offers the sense of immediate contact with nature which is appreciated by the visitors.

Now, we are slowly heading to the tower. As you can see, the path goes slightly up.


And here we are! We need to walk in circles to get on top of the tower. The path is wide, so it won't bother you when there will be people coming from the opposite direction.

On top of the tower there is an adrenaline net. We tried it when we came here for the first time but as it was quite windy this time we decided to skip it. There is also a newly opened spiral slide. It's 67 meters long and it will shorten your journey down significantly. I'm not very good with closed narrow spaces so I didn't try it. To be honest, I will probably never try this one.


Here we have the fantastic view of High Tatras from the observation tower. Now, we can see the storm approaching us. At the end we managed to get back to the hotel before it started to rain. It was much easier for my mom to walk down. She was actually faster then me! I prefer to walk up the hill..


When we returned to the hotel, we took a power nap and enjoyed our dinner in the evening. It was a great day and I hope that we will be able to repeat it soon!

I hope you have enjoyed our tour!

Thank you for visiting!



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