Walk With Me Along the Perkiomen Trail

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A little of the tree damage on the beautiful but windy day after the bombogenesis of Winter Storm Riley.

The Perkiomen Creek was nicely swollen and running fast and the late afternoon sun was playing hard to get.

My wife and I parked at the Spring Mountain Ski Area near Foy Park and walked the Perkiomen Trail which, at that point, runs between one of the ski slopes and the Perkiomen Creek.

GoogleMaps: Perkiomen Trail Near the Spring Mountain Ski Area

The aging ski lift motor which is just atop a little berm and can be seen from the trail.

Quite a few downed trees and branches littered the trail. Imagine one of them clunking you on your noggin?

Lots of boulder fields nicely blanketed in bright green moss.

Playing around with the neutral density (ND) filter on my Sony DSC RX100M5.

Old bracket fungi.

I bet this happened in a "split-second!"

Hi-wire act.

Just messing around and pushing sliders in Adobe Lightroom.


All images @cognoscere and taken on Saturday March 3rd, 2018 along the Perkiomen Trail in Spring Mount, Pennsylvania (Sony DSC RX100M5)


Oh wow. I grew up right by the Perkiomen trail and Spring Mountain. There used to be some wicked rope swings near there back before it was even a public trail. The county cut them all down in the mid 90's and early 2000's. Most of the trail was an old abandoned railroad. The part of the trail all your photos were taken was an old logging dirt road. One night I rode my bike down the mountain part of the trail as fast as I could and there was a down tree right near the bottom after the blind turn, and I couldn't even start to slow down, so I hit it and flew into the woods. Somehow I wasn't injured at all. My family has a house and 2 acres just outside of that photo where I grew up.

its so interesting to see your adventures along the way wow nice photographs

That green moss is pretty even though it's not supposed to be. The mushrooms on the side of that tree remind me of something I've seen in some medieval style video games. Great shots you've got here.

Omg....Tremendous photo shots taken. Most unusual one. But seem very attractive and calm background. You catch variation of nature nicely.

That is awesome , I always love walking through trails and exploring the wilderness life .

I used to go camping a lot so this reminded me of that

Nice shoot , beautiful picture @cognoscere
I like it

Beautiful area, you got some nice photos with good color along the trail. Looks like the storm did a bit of damage all throughout the area.

You made a funkyedit!! Very cool.

Gee, you got a lot of tree damage in your area. We got a bit but thing like split trees. We got way more snow than you as well....probably a good 12 inches or there abouts.

The creek looks like it has rapids too - I hope the kids keep away.

Split-second, that's funny. Doesn't look like a bad walk. Is the ski area no longer active?

My wife and I were walking along a trail once and a branch broke off a tree above and landed on the path 15ft in front of us. If I hadn't stopped to take a picture of a creek, we could have been hit. Still spooks me to think about it.

Good to hear you survived Riley! Not just one pair of shoes, but a matching second pair. Makes one wonder!

WAW Amazing, Beautiful, GREAT shoot .. i am very love it .. this is really very beautiful scenery, i am really fascinated .. thanks @cognoscere

Excellent photography.

Seems like an epic place to go on a hiking wonderful photographs too :D

Beautiful walk, I liked and enjoyed it a lot great shots you clicked along the way :

Super fabulous pics you clicked this is quite exciting to walk along with you :)

Nice experince it is always to walk with you this is exciting and fun :)

Nature is wonderful to explore your walk was interesting nice clicks

excellent photography

12% grade sounds pretty demanding. You guys must be in good shape with all the walking.

Thanks for sharing @cognoscere nice post

Such an amazing photos.credit must be given to photographer.thanks a lot.

i enjoyed Walk With Me series with you.how did you take pics of those shoes such an awesome creativity.keep producing them.all the best.

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