Southport Beach, Southport Connecticut

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My wife and I spent a wonderful afternoon visiting family in Connecticut and, after a great lunch at the Brewport Brewing Company, we drove over to Southport Beach to take a very chilly walk along a rock jetty on the Long Island Sound.

It was mostly sunny today and, as you'll see, the tide was out.

Yesterday, the high temperature in Central New Jersey was in the mid-60s ℉, and just 24 hours later at Southport Beach in Connecticut the day's high was only 32 ℉.

Excerpt from the Fairfield Connecticut Parks & Recreation web page:

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 9.53.04 PM.png

This marina pumps air from below in an attempt to prevent the surrounding waterway from freezing, as I believe the Long Island Sound and some of its many tributaries are somewhat brackish.

Max-zoomed on my iPhone 7 Plus.


All images @cognoscere and taken on Saturday January 13th, 2018 at Southport Beach in Southport, Connecticut (Apple iPhone 7 Plus)


Lovely pictures, I’m not sure I’d you have heard of @cryptoctopus #photofeed tag ? He created this tag to help those that have high quality photography , earn an upvote for what they submit . You would be perfect for this

Thanks @journeyoflife for the kind words and the #photofeed tip, I'll have to check it out!

Sounds like a nice walk. What is that thing in the first picture? Shells stuck together? I have never seen anything quite like that

It was pretty cold and windy but, yes, it was a nice afternoon for a shore walk. And you're correct, its a grouping of shells that are fused together. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Cool! Looks almost like some kind of claw

I wondered what they were going to do with those boats if it keeps getting cold. Very interesting about pumping air.

The tri-state area (i.e. NJ, NY, CT) has had the worst cold spell in over a decade. Weird that yesterday we suddenly have temps in the mid 60s, go figure!!!

This is wonderful photography and nice travel experience.
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Thanks for the re-steem @shavishtha!!!

what is that thing in your hand?

I looked like a bunch of shells (maybe mussels) all bonded together.

Wow very very beautiful photography and great work sir.
Great photography experience.
Thanks @cognoscere
Have a great day

Great Connecticut pictures. Still have boats in the water I see. Owners must have been sweating it with the cold spell.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but look at that image with the air bubbles being pumped from under the water.

I know the airs bubbles thing. But wouldn't trust it with such server cold.

interesting time you spent there wonderful photos too you shared thanks a lot :)

Being low tide, there were countless shells and rocks to look at.

Excellent camera shoots . nice photography
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Wow! Look at her long legs. You're lucky man!

Haha, shadows will do that 😉 but, yes, I am a very lucky man!!!

Wow really looking . excellent photography

Thankyou, and thanks for re-steeming!!!

it must be cool to explore this place interesting :)

Yes it was nice to be near the water and see all the ice breaking up. You could see clear across the Long Island Sound and actually see the shores of Long Island in the distance. We were looking across to Huntington Bay which is about 10 miles away.

wow.....that's a beautiful photo of nature and wonderful place...

looks an interesting place actually quite nice and awesome photography

Yeah it certainly was, thanks @starboye!!!

You are roaming around the beach and taking those snaps and this is really looking beautiful.

Thank you for sharing these pics....steem on and stay blissful...

Yes, it was a beautiful area to walk around and enjoy the sunshine!!!

I really loved the one of your guys' long shadows...pretty romantic... <3

Thanks @lyndsaybowes!!!

Beautiful photography dear @cognoscere and I am ready to walk with you :)


The very first pic is really a great pic, looking so good, however others are good too.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Thanks, glad you liked it!!!

Looks truly amazing great photography along thanks a lot for sharing

The beach does looks great and the weather does also seemed to be great !
The images are good and moreover the 1st image looks like a hand ;)
nicely captured buddy !

Thanks @rehan12, we had a great time and I just had to capture some images of the afternoon.

Wow Amazing Photography

For your post propagation.

Thanks for the re-steem!!!

I agree with @chelsea88, on first glance, that 1st picture looked like someone holding an old gnarly hand from something I was sure would reach up and grab my leg from under the bed when I was 7 or 8. Hence the 'leap' to the hallway toward the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Looks like a fun day out. Those ice pallets are amazing, and I never knew they bubbled away the freeze potential below boats. Is it big pipes laid under the water?

We drove to Southport just to look at all the multi-million dollar mansions along the Connecticut shoreline. Must be lot s of CEOs, hedge fund managers, and the like. So it doesn't surprise me that they'd be able be architect a way to keep the boat lanes ice free. I'm guessing it's a series of underwater piping that's driven by an air compressor.

What intrigued me is the first photo, what is in it? Stone? Great post!

It looked like a bunch of mussel shells all fused together.

Extremely well done work @cognoscere. Southport beach is wonderful location and very deserve to the photography.

Outstanding magical collections. You always seeking different places to captures. Its great effort.

Appreciate it!!

Beautiful beach photography , keep posting

Thanks, and I certainly will!!!

Awesome photo taken, thanks for sharing

You're welcome and thanks for taking a look!!!

That's very creative photography. Nice designs of the nature.
Pretty stunning me @cognoscere.

Great and amazing collection my friend.

Truly, lovely post.

Thanks @cognoscere for sharing this post.😊 💙

Have a wonderful day!!

Fantastic photography and very nice.

You really capture the magic of light, and have excellent depth of field in your photography. Wonderful images.

beautiful scenery

Wow - the tide was way out! I wonder how long it took you to warm back up again! I wonder how often they really need that bubbler. Do folks around there harvest the mussels, like in your first photo?

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