Lean in a little bit closer, try to get that perfect composition and ... Zappp ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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I must say that they are pretty cute, and you could even imagine having a few as pets, or even a herd of them to serve as a yarn-producing revenue generator.

Maybe they're used to getting an occasional free meal from some of the passengers in the vehicles that will undoubtably pull over and stop to admire them.

They slowly and cautiously wandered over to check me out and they're so gentle and can make some pretty unusual facial gestures and vocal squeaks.

I was standing at the edge of the 4-foot-high galvanized metal fence trying to get some interesting photos and, as I leaned in to compose a shot, I was the recipient of a nasty shock from the electric fence.

This wasn't like your typical static-electricity shock or like touching a 9-volt battery to your tongue. I saw the flash from the sparks that went through my thick Carhartt sweatshirt, and it was completely unexpected and rather painful 😳

If they could talk, I think they would have said something like: "Hey guys, come on over, we got another wanna-be photographer pointing his camera at us. I bet he's going to be shocked with the result he gets!"

Let's just say I won't be leaning over any metal farm fences any time soon!!!


All images @cognoscere and taken on Saint Patrick's Day 2018 at Graceful Glen Alpacas in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Sony DSC RX100M5)

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They are cute and quite a few of them. Shocking experience to say the least. Zoom lens avoid shocks. lol


The thing is it was totally unexpected, so it scared me half to death!

What no sign??? Beware of electrocution?????

Poor alpacas....I wonder how many zaps they've gotten....I think they are saying....Please helps us.


Yeah, I was thinking that too after such a shocking experience, I did look but saw no signs.


geez....hope you aren't too stunned now. :)

I like those animals. They definitely stand out in crowd. Iwonder how much they cost. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, they are very cool looking, kind of like out of a Dr. Suess book! No idea what they cost.

Nice kissing capture you catch firstly @cognoscere. They all looking for you and find some foods. Beautiful animals.

Nice pictures.. those animals looks like someone do a cool haircut hahah

ahahah seems to have long eyelashes!
how beautiful it is. you have taken great pictures. congratulations my dear friend :)

all of these shots are so nice the animals look really amazing

Well buddy do have to agree that they do look pretty adorable !

Nicely captured buddy !Nice timings !

Very cute animals , nice photography dear.
Plz posted more animals pics

It's beautiful pics taken by you , animals are very cute .
Thanks for sharing

they're so cute!

these are so lovely shots to see looking so nice the animals are amazing there

Each shot is filled with love and beauty wow so nice to see it :)

That shock was worth it! Cool photos and animals!

they look pretty cute in their hairstyle hhaha awesome pics

Ouch!! I'm glad it happened only once! Did you get these photos before, or after, your shocking shock? That photo with the 3 alpacas staring through the fence is great! The two end guys have quite the compelling look! That would make a great base for commentary -- or a meme. They must be having quite the thoughts! ; )

how cute and lovely they look so adorable shots these are

Thanks for sharing this photography is very nice post

that is brilliant to see wow looks so awesome and amazing :)

Definitely lovely animal captures. I loved animals much more. Little son very cute and nice expression.

What adorable alpacas and what beautiful shots! Thanks for the tour.

Wow really beautiful photo sir..thanks for sharing sir @cognoscere

Yea I like those animals sir. They definitely stand out in crowd. Iwonder how much they cost. Thanks for sharing sir @cognoscere

Such cute little critters. I have a friend that has a couple, and they are really gentle and nice. They just lay in her van when she takes them to the mountains.

Too bad you had to pay the price for getting these great shots. Maybe it's worth it (easy for me to say...). Though I have been zapped, and you're right, those things are really painful. During a pheasant research job years back, we always talked to farmers. I was leaning on a wire at my thighs, all un-awares, not grounding due to tennis shoes, and then I grabbed a metal gate with both hands. ZOWWIE....stood me up straighter than a Buckingham guard. I feel for the animals that hit them too, though they probably learn as fast as us, even though we supposedly have all the brains.
Wonder if you could fry out the digital with those things? Wouldn't be surprised.

Bwahahaha, I feel your pain, I have done that more than once AND IT IS NOT FUN On the not so electrical side - I love llamas!!! and these shots are brilliant!! (did one spit at you?)

Alpacas 1 Human 0 LOL

I know a guy had to take a leak on a country road at night and happened to touch or stream the wrong place. He wont do that again he said!

beautiful photos