Walk with me a tour around the back yard

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This is inspired by @lindsaybowes thanks for you great idea ! Today I am taking you on a tour of the back yard.
The trees are all at peak color right now and it is heating that chill in the air
Our yard looks into a farm and ranch operation. There is a pond back there that the geese and other wildlife use
And a picture of our back yard inhabitants. The tree you see was our Christmas tree about 15 years ago. We bought a live one and planted it in the spring. Every tree in my yard was planted by us since we moved here 25 years ago.
IMG_1788.JPGand finally a shot of the front yard sign.
Thanks for walking with me !

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What does the sign say, I read "Experimental dandelion farm" ?

Ooooh wow I am in LOVE with your land!! It looks just like the kind of place our family wants to settle in. Thank you so much for taking a walk through and bringing us along!!


Thank you and yes it does say experimental dandelion farm. Fact is I have not sprayed in about 20 years and the dandelions thrive in my yard. The sign was a birthday present kind of a joke about all the dandelions. I do harvest and use them though.
We fell in love with this spot rented it first and later bought it. Thanks !


Good for you! I'm impressed :)

Thank you for posting these pictures. You have a beautiful place. It is really outstanding.

I am glad you planted all the trees...the world needs more of that. Sadly, we seem intent on tearing them down as opposed to planting them.


Thanks I agree.