Digging out for the next storm

in walkwithme •  4 months ago

This is the road to my brothers house. Last week it looked more like this
We are supposed to get another storm again today so we decided to go out and move some more snow around to try to keep the road open.
Here are a few pics I took while we walked about.
Here is a picture of crow peak off in the distance.
5B3FE9EC-445A-4134-866F-9B20AA6C60E5.jpeg even though the sun was out the trees still had frost from the morning fog.
Awsome sight.
And here is my little walking buddy Wyatt we had fun playing in the snow and mud.
And one last pic of those glistening pine trees.

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That is a lot of snow. Looks beautiful but I am sure it is slot of work.


Yes it’s been a crazy winter. We hardly had any snow till after the first of the year. Since then Its been -26 f twice and the snow pack is an easy 2 foot everywhere.


That is cold and a lot of snow. Hopefully spring will get there soon

Oooh when will this winter stuff end hey?

This photo was outstanding!!