Walk of Hope Update : Flat Skimboarding and Painting on Skimboard tomorrow Sunday in Bayawan City, Philippines

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All set for all these competitions tomorrow in Bayawan

All of today was spent coating all the skimboards headed by @flabbergast-art and Tatay Dagsa. Helped by a few kids from around the area who will also be competing with Skimboarding. By the look of things, some of them have already chosen which boards will they be using.

Very well if that's how it works!

The preparation

Last thursday, plywoods were brought and cut-off shaped as skimboards to be prepared. As they're flat, they needed to be bent at the front for easily navigation. To do this, large stones were put at the tips to help bend the front part of the wood.

Ideally, these stones need to be left for at least 48 hours, but this depend on the thinness or thickness of the wood. The thinner they are, the shorter the time to bend them.

These boards this morning were coated, ready for the painting competition tomorrow.

The boards were rained on these past 2 nights so they needed to be dried properly and were under the sun for some time this morning.

With so much space on the island in the boulevard, what's a better place to put them? Plus its' accessibility to Tatay Dagsa's cafe.

Walk of Hope's banner

Knowing Marlon aka @flabbergast-art, tomorrow's banner of the project nor Steemit Philippines is non-existent. His solution?

Paint a skimboard!

@flabbergast-art in action.

Till now, uploading in dtube is like a camel passing through a needle's hole. So i hope these images will do?

The plan is to do the Painting contest from 9 to 12 noon, followed by Skimboarding inthe afternoon. Judges have been arranged, prizes are all ready. Registration will start at 8 in the morning.

There you go folks! Please follow us for more updates as we have incoming projects in the pipeline. There are things that are needed to be done in Bayawan City before the kick-off of @walkofhope's Music and Arts Tour.

All artworks by @flabbergast-art, all images are mine, taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7.




this is amazing work!! not only the lovely area, the idea, creativity and art. great post, and i wish you much success and huge turnout. :)

Thanks..hopefully what you've said will happen, the kids here are excited. And the oldies too.
Will be judging on the painting competition☺

@immarojas yay awww and i saw a glimpse of some photos and the kids looked great. i'm in the middle of moving so in and out. blessings

Best of luck with that..take it easy. We are all good in here. Hugs!!

@immarojas thanks so much and i love the photos you took. excellent! :)

How's the moving house doin??? Hugs!!

@immarojas stressful and the new job sucks LOL

Perhaps it gets better once the dust is settled...
Tell me...is it Alessandra??

Philippines is a very nice place that I would like to visit, very beautiful surfboard, do you practice surfing? @immarojas

It's a skimboard☺ and NO, i don't do either, i wish!

Well not everyone can venture into this. its okay me neither haha

Ahaha yeah!

@flabbergast-art is very talented. It's good to see him in action @immarojas.

I hope it all goes really well for everyone tomorrow.

Have fun! 😊

Thanks Gillian! Everyone had a great time today and there were some waves for skimboarding😃🤣

Excellent. Glad to hear it @immarojas. I shall look forward to your post later. 😁

That's not what I call a delay @immarojas. I still have photographs I took In February, at a National Trust property that I haven't posted yet! 😂 😂 😂

Haha but i fell asleep last night and thought i've posted it...only to see i didn't😂🤣 got so knackered when i got to my hostel.

I've had that happen a couple of times too @immarojas with a post late at night! 😂

Yeah..it's like forcing to keep them open🤣😅

Wow! Good luck there, tita! I hope all goes well. It's been a long time since I last saw Sir Marlon and his awesomeness in both music and art. Been a long time since we talked, too. Haha.

Oh ure back!! How's u? We're all good here☺

Yes, I am! Haha. I'm getting treated. I'm fine today. But I'm not okay, generally. Got lots of things to take care of. I misshooooooo. Hahaha.

Napakuluang guyabano leaves drink mo.

Yung guyabano lang po ba hindi okay? Talagang yung dahon po?

Un fruit too and mansanitas daw.

Ano pong hitsura ng mansanitas?

I'm so green with envy! Wish I could be there to join the fun!

Haha join the fun and the heat kuya!

naa diay pud nindot ligoan dha bayawan bai puhon anha ko dha mo laag ko koyog akong pamilya

Ay saan yan kuya? We are at Dagsa's place..drop-by for native coffee along the boulevard.


I hope the event is great!



Fingers crossed @creatr! Ta!

I would love to try one when I'll be there :)

They say it's riskier than surfing...so you need to practice teo.