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Is there a proper etiquette guide to walking I should be made aware of? I want to make sure I’m doing it right. I’ve been walking longer than I can remember and, as far as I can remember, right or left side foot traffic was never an issue. However, I’ve noticed quite a few people intentionally dodge me on both my left and right side recently, it seems to alter as the time zone changes. There’s a universal time code—what about a universal walking code?


Left, right, left

No one wants to bump shoulders with the wrong stranger. A head on walking collision, though I can’t recall ever being involved in one, would be embarrassing. I guess it’s just common knowledge growing up in the US, drive on the right side, walk on the right side. Maybe I’m overthinking this—it’s a possibility. I can remember being on a job one time and overhearing a brother say to someone “drive on the right side of the road, walk on the right side of the hall.” If that’s the case, what happens when you’re in England and everyone drives on the left—walk on the left? What’s proper? I’d hate to get caught walking wrong.



I guess it’s possible I’m always walking right down the middle of everything and that’s why people are dodging me on both sides. If that’s the case, I probably should’ve thought this through a little more before posting it on the blockchain. If, in fact, there is no proper walking etiquette and people seem to be dodging me equally on either side of me, I must have a walking problem—middle walker. What’s worse, a middle walker or a texting walker? Or is one not worse than the other and both are acceptable walking behaviors?

Jay walking isn’t a crime in England. See, in California, there’s a fine for everything, that includes crossing the street. If you don’t cross the street as properly instructed, you’ll be fined—it’ll probably cost you somewhere between 100 and 300 dollars if you get caught. In England, it’s not a crime, cross any street wherever you want even though there’s clearly marked crosswalks frequently.

The other day I watched three young ladies jay walk about 20 feet away from a crosswalk. It started as a jay walk and ended up a jay run because vehicle traffic approached quicker than they anticipated. So, here comes another question mark, what’s worse? The two ladies who ran their strollers containing infants across the street in a jay running fashion to avoid a vehicle collision or the third young lady, most likely a teenager, shuffling her feet just quick enough to avoid being struck by a car while successfully crossing the street having never removed her eyes nor her thumbs from her phone? I think she might’ve been playing a video game.



Someone should consider developing a step by step guide to proper walking. If you know anyone over at Cambridge Analytica, maybe you could drop a copy of this in their suggestion box. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but I think texting walkers are substantially worse at walking than any other walkers—even directionally defiant ones.

Center walkers, directional defiant walkers, speed walkers, even standers at least have a view of their surroundings and could alter their location with minimal effort—I can’t say the same for texting walkers. A texting walker will not alter their line of travel, everyone must adhere to them. Those of you who have come in close proximity of a texting walker know what I’m talking about, they have that look. A texting walker, though having never adjusted their path of travel, when their walking motion is stopped and they’re forced to remove their eyes from their phone, although their thumbs continue texting, they look you in the eye as though you offered them bleach in their coffee.



I know all about couple etiquette and how the man is supposed to stay closest to the dangers of the road when walking along a city street but what happens when another couple approaches in the opposite direction? Who’s supposed to be closest to danger then? Is one of the men supposed to feel superior and opt for the dangerous path which then suggests the other guy is even weaker than the alpha males girl? That doesn’t make any sense. Maybe both couples should stop holding hands in that situation and split up so that both females are furthest away from danger and the men can walk passed each other, circle each other one time prior to passing so that both are in equal danger before carrying on where everyone holds hands again and continues walking.

I think a good majority of sidewalks could benefit from sideways walking—think about it. Nobody would be forced to stand face to face on a sideways walking sidewalk and sideways sidewalks would be narrow which would make room for wider road ways easing everyone’s daily commute—domino effect.



What I’m trying to say is the Steem blockchain is a cool place to be. Having never posted a single article on any of those instabookertwits, had it not been for Steemit and the many dapps associated with Steem, I doubt I would’ve found this new interest in drawing where I’ve actually posted several portraits. I’m curating and doing all kinds of weird stuff now. I went from a total post count of never to a current count, this article included, 235 posts. Sure, it’s substantially less than the majority of authors around here but considering I’ve never done anything like this, I’m pleasantly surprised with 235.

Since being involved at Steemit, I’ve taught myself how to use iMovie, how to email mpegs, draw with a line graph, alter photos in photoshop, I didn’t even know photoshop was an app before Steemit. Hyperlink wasn’t even a word to me a few years ago and now I know how to attach one. I’m still getting the hang of it and, regardless what number immediately follows the HF, this is still the first and only online platform I’ve ever decided to not only be creative, but share that creativity with a bunch of virtual strangers—coolest strangers I’ve never met.

50/50, 80/20, yata yata, what’s the alternative—0/0? What a waste. There’s plenty of 0% platforms out there but where else can you catch up on things like post counts and closet creativity at the end of a questionnaire about proper walking etiquette which reminds me, rear approaching walkers—that’s another one. If you’re not a speed walker, like myself, everyone is a rear approaching walker, it’s awkward but what’s the alternative? Throw in the towel and quit progressing? Pull off the side of the walkway like you would in a vehicle and allow the speed walker to pass? What if they don’t want to pass and gesture you to keep walking, what then, do you gesture the speed walker back and walk slower so you’re not the awkward, rear approaching walker? It’s pretty procedural, walking, and periodically making adjustments for stability, I just want to make sure I’m doing it right.


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The one that gets me is when you at in a potential head-on waking collision and the other person has that look on their face like “I ain’t movin’! You move or else!” It’s like a vicious game of “Walking Chicken”.

I tend to be that guy that does the awkward side to side dance when approaching someone and neither can decide which way to go. I do a few juke moves add in a spin move, once past them I tend to slap them on the butt and say, “Good Game”. Hey the football players do it. Lol.

As far as the couples thing goes... I normally walk with Mama-Splatts on my Shoulders. It’s a great way to make more walking room for others and she blocks the bird turds and I get a great leg workout. Plus who wants to play “Walking Chicken” with two people that are are ready for one of those swimming pool Camel Fights. Lol

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As far as the couples thing goes... I normally walk with Mama-Splatts on my Shoulders.

LOL...Besides being great at chivalry...I see that your a good problem solver as well :>)

Angry man nailed it I think—I don’t even need to say much. Well, accept for this, you and Tommy have the same couple walking technique—I need to shape up my game.

Thanks for stopping by @jlsplatts, thanks for taking the time to read this one. Have a good week man.

good topic bro

Hi dandays I’m back!

Well look at what the internet dragged in. I’d be lying if i said this isn’t the Coolest surprise I’ve seen all day.

Welcome, @tenaj!

  ·  last month (edited)

You were in the ZONE with this one @dandays ... Thoroughly enjoyable, and a subject which has more recently caused me great perplexity.

I come from one of the busiest walking City in the U.S. (NYC) and that common sense 'walk on the right' un-written rule seems to have vanished into the mess of mixed crowd-mind me'ism...Another problem is the vast influx of people arriving from other cultures where NO driving or walking etiquette exists...and...it's every-man/woman-for-themselves...kindness, compassion, empathy and the like are words which do not even exist in some languages.

Anyway...Guess you hit a nerve with me, so I'd better stop ranting before this comment becomes longer than my posts normally are :>)

Have a great day, and be safe.

P.S. In Italy...if you yield to a motorist in a fight for positioning on the road, you may be regarded as a "Man of little consequence..."

Bumper Cars anyone...!?!?!?

This is likely my favorite angryman response to date—good morning from UK, sir!

I can tell by reading this that you and I are on the exact same page when it comes to this walking etiquette thing. There’s proper driving laws, touching laws, speaking laws... it’s all there, we’ve all been taught. Why in the heck is walking so controversial?!

Thanks a lot for reading this one angryman, it’s fun to be on the same page with you. Have a great week!

Thanks for stopping by @angryman. Try not to be such a stranger.

Try not to be such a stranger.

Being stranger than strange is often intriguing...

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Thanks for noticing @verifyme.

Funny stuff! This article reminded me of a song from long ago. It was a song about walking and crossing the street properly.
I can remember a few lines from it.
" Teach your eyes to look up, teach your ears to hear, walk up to the corner where the coast is clear, and wait and wait until the light turn green, or was it red.
Hope this helps you out. I like the suggestion of walking sideways.

I’m glad you caught the humor, Sweed, I knew you would. Right side.. left side.. should I be next to the fence, should I step off the sidewalk? We need to reach an understanding. Good morning, sir, hope ya’all are having a nice weekend at the farm.

That video—It’s funny and it’s alarming. First, a guy falls through a basement door where apparently the basement floor is several counties away. And the fact everyone just kinda looked around like “are you sure? Yeah, I’m pretty sure, did you see someone too? I think a person was here. Where, here?”

Thanks for stopping by @thebigsweed.

Hope you're having a great weekend as well. With All of the family up and staying through next weekend, let the good times roll. We all get together during this week and will be attending the Chenango County Blues Festival this coming Saturday. I believe this will be the 19 year we have attended this great day of music, food and festivities.
Last year I did a post on the festival.

Should make for another good post as the lineup is great.
Just a couple of bands that will be playing are Tab Benoit, The Gabe Stillman Band, and Rick Estrim and the Nightcats just to name a few.
The music starts at 1PM and goes until 11PM.

Nah I can’t tell you’re excited about it or anything. Not even a little bit.

lol! what a basketcase sir dandays! lol..hilarious. "sideways walking sidewalk" haha! that sounds like a winner to me! So somehow the point of this whole post is that steemit made your creativity come out? Creative writing is one of the big ones for sure!

Hey, Janton! Good morning from Kingston Upon Hull, England. Whoever don’t like Fridays don’t like girls. Happy Friday, sir!


Hey, I resemble that remark!

I’m glad I can keep you entertained Janton, I really appreciate your attention sir. A big huge thank you right here. Steemit made the creativity come out, something like that, but mainly Steemit just gave me personally an avenue to share. Regardless what it is or isn’t, before Steemit, I never had a platform to consider getting creative on.

Thanks for stopping by @janton. I always look forward to what you have to say. Exciting plans this weekend?

Howdy sir dandays! Kingston Upon Hull, what a name! They have a big aquarium there but that's probably too touristy for you guys.
This weekend doesn't hold anything exciting at this point. somehow we have two toilets that are both running so I gotta get new tank parts to fix that so there's that. Never a fun job. lol. Mrs. J has one day off then goes back to work on Sunday so no I don't think we'll be doing anything that you could call exciting, interesting or fun!

What about you guys?

Sometimes, some accident happens just because of lack of proper walking step. Each one of us should try to cultivate one properly

Ahahaha. England is a pretty confusing place. Just ask Tom Cruise. He almost got himself killed over there! 😁


Speaking of Eyes Wide Shut—“if you only knew.”

No way would I consider renting a car here, nope! Possibly a motorcycle but it’s probablt best if we don’t and just stick to public transportation. It doesn’t matter how many time you tell yourself “look right first” and you have it in your head and you know you’re supposed to “look right first,” it’s still really tough to do.

Many’O times already I’ve done a real similar adjustment. 👍🏿

Thanks for stopping by @trincowski.