Fun walking for you, especially when its spring.

By the way, if you go outside and have review for cafe, restaurant, etc, you can share your review at (steem dapp for restaurant review)
You can learn #how-about-tasteem first.

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thanks i thought about using tasteem but i'm just too lazy 😆
have a great weekend!

Hey @roundbeargames I suggest using the @actifit app while going outside.

I just used my actifit app for the first time yesterday and it's a great motivator to do some activity because for a minimum of 5000 steps (max 10000 steps) you earn some some AFIT tokens and a small upvote from @actifit.

And let me tell you the monetization of activity does stimulate activity because I want to do at least 5K steps today as well.

I remember you said you wanted to get in shape a few times and this probably would help.

Supporting @actifit is a great way to help yourself and and get some attention on steem as well as it's a great way to onboard people to the steem blockchain.

They've gone from 250-350 daily activity reports to 450-550 activity reports now and it just keeps growing.

i think i read somewhere we need at least 10000 steps a day. i think i take like 100.. 😐
i've been trying to get in shape for years now but i've been failing miserably lol
i thought about actifit too. but most of my interest is in gamedev so i never really tried it out.
maybe i will someday 🐻

No, the minimum is 5000 steps to post a report.

And it's easier to make 5000 steps than you think. The app even counts the steps you make inside the house so it adds up over the day.

It doesn't hurt to try it out. Just consider it as a fun experiment.

shit. can't believe i missed comment!
yea i might try walking everyday. maybe just pure walking without the app first. we'll see :)

no problem :)

turn the app on so you'll get a better reference - how much steps you make walking to a coffee shop, a park etc.

돌하루방~~ 제주도 생각납니다.
증인투표 하라는건가요??

네 그냥 투표장려에요 ^ㅅ^
누굴 찍든 일단 다들 했으면 하는 마음~

ㅎㅎ 요 몇일 못 봤더니 ㅋㅋ 이젠 달리는게 아니라 원샷원킬 ㅋ
배경 작업도 곧 들어가시겠죠? 기대 됩니다 ㅎㅎ

곰님! 오랜만입니다 ^ㅅ^
몇가지 기능들 어떻게 했냐고 물어보는 사람들이 있어서 첨부터 끝까지 다 녹화해보고 있어요 ㅋㅋㅋ
언젠간 완성되겠죠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

오늘은 소주가 안보입니다? ㅎㅎ

ㅎㅎ 이날은 소주말고 위스키요~ ^ㅅ^

라운드님은 한국이랑 잘 안어울리세요.^^

흐흐흐 매우 잘알고있어요
기회만되면 바로 뜹니다 ^ㅅ^

Wow .. your country is very beautiful and clean. Anyone will want to come out if it's like that. The air is clean and fresh. It seems like you really enjoy your life. And the food is sushi and whiskey... I have never eaten in my life. At my place no one sells sushi. Of course, after walking around and eat delicious sushi you may continue your project. Good luck, my freind.

well this park was nice but most of south korea is quite ugly lol
and air is dirty too.
but sushi is great :)
thanks for coming!

I must say you really took some cool pics when going out

@dorian-lee의 개발 부계정이예요. 개발 이야기는 이걸로 쓰고 있지요.

넹~ 한번씩 들어가봐야겠군요 ^ㅅ^

Mind blowing, why is the face and a tree is a Korean thing 😅

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lol great question. we just like them

돌하르방 맞나요?? ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
저리 귀여운 하르방은 처음 봐요 :)

ㅎㅎㅎ 잘 몰라요.. 대충 맞는거같긴 한디.. ㅎㅎ

it really is amazing the place !!! I hope you take more walks and show us the beautiful landscapes that your country has... :))))

thanks! this was a nice place but we don't really have beautiful landscapes in korea lol
but i'll try to walk more 😎

Hail mother nature는 무슨 뜻인가요... 영어 표현 모르는 게 너무 많아요. ㅠㅠ

흐흐흐 대자연을 찬양하라 정도?
자연의 위대함을 갠적으로 표현해봤습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

Incredible natural scenery, perfect for enjoying when bored, delicious sushi food is really your very lucky friend. 👍👍😁😋

haha nothing was really natural in this park but it was nice :)
sushi is awesome 😺

Nothing beats Mother Nature. It's lovely where you are and the food, that looks superb and guilt-free!

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haha you might be right.
tho there's a bit of guilt in slicing fish alive 🐻

hope your steps are still the best

i'm not sure what this means but thanks

Woohoo it is greening up outside :)

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yes no need to wear thick jackets anymore :)

퐌타스틱한 나들이^
계절이 바뀌어 있더군요~ ㅋㅋ
완전 여름 날씨~ㅋ

행복한 ♥ 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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네 드디어 반팔입을수 있는 날씨가 왔어요 ㅎㅎ

I saw some photos that could be considered beautiful, whether they were in Korea

i wouldn't call korea beautiful but thanks for coming!

wow the place is really nice, neat and looks lonely and calm, by the way is the food underneath it given ice cubes?

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you mean the cup? that's whiskey. gotta have ice :)

no, the white one beside the meat

Posted using Partiko Android! this place is very beautiful

yes it was a nice park :)

I imagine that the place drawn has many wild animals

haha no seoul has 0 wild animals 😆

I cant wait to have a taste of your project @roundbeargames

i cant wait to finish it either :)

is this a hunting ground

lol no just a park.
there's nothing but humans here

Amigo roundbeargames bello y hermoso paisaje. las fotos tienen buena vista. lo felicito por compartir su post.-Me encanto.

thanks amigo :)
it was a fun day. i hope you have a great weekend!

It is magical outside.....simply clean and fresh

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thanks! we had a nice weather that day (something extremely rare in south korea)

@roundbeargames, Spring is natural renovation and nature once again becomes fulfilled and the view really heal us. Specially that tree and statue is reflecting the ancient essence for sure. And it's reflecting as you've enjoyed this exploration time. Stay blessed brother.

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haha i love how you call it natural renovation.
for some reason everytime it comes back i feel joy 😎

Yes it brings joy. 😁😁

I love to see your adventures outside. Can I have some of that salmon sashimi?

oh yes let's have sushi and alcohol some day 😁

Todo no puede ser trabajo @roundbeargames debemos tambien pasar tiempo y disfrutar de la naturaleza, no se pero podrias hacer muchas publicaciones de las bellezas naturales que tienen en Korea del Sur y compartirlas aqui en Steemit.

thanks amigo. yes sometimes we gotta rest 😎
have a great weekend!

Seems like a nice place to walk around... and yeah, I’m a huge fan of spring. Too cold this winter. Way too cold

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yes i like warm weathers too 🐻👍

This one my fav of your post, Go outside... It's my time for know more about your South Korean. Have your nice day 😊

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haha thank you. i didn't put much effort into this tho.
i'm glad you like it! 😁

Beautiful spring scenery you got there @roundbeargames bro 👍
Woohoo, sushi and whiskey - my stomach is tumbling now 😂

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thanks brother. and yes i LOOOOOOOOVVVVVE sushi! and whiskey! 🐻

Muy limpia y hermosa su [email protected],de verdad la naturaleza se esmero tambien en ella al igual que su gente,su menu no comparto ,el pescado crudo no lo como,jajaja eso que lo intente varias veces y nada me da ganas de vomitar jaja,buen dia amigo,saludos.

yes raw fish isn't for everyone 😺
but i really like it
have a great weekend!

the photos are nice and cool
walking around and taking photos can reduce stress on the job

I was missing out on wanting to go back with my family :)

haha yes it was a good day :)
gotta go outside and walk every now and then 🐻

Buenas noches amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien , son lindas esas imágenes amigo y buen plato de comida . Que tenga una exelente noche

thanks for your support :)
i hope you have a good meal too.
have a nice weekend my friend.

Where is the photo location? beautiful luck with the location.

Where is the photo
Location? beautiful luck
With the location.

                 - mspbro

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

it's a park near my wife's workplace :)
it was a good day 👍

Hello @roundbeargames
Beautiful photographs my friend.
you capture nature in your photographs. i like it my friend..
happy to see you in weku my friend..
Welcome there..

thanks brother. it's not really nature tho haha
it's a man made park in the middle of a city 😆

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That looks like a beautiful day :-)

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indeed it was a good day 😎

Ohh! It's a good refreshing place where you can eat a lot while watching the falls. Have a nice day Sir!

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everything was man made here but it was still a good day.
you have a great day too! 👋

Now I know, the important was you enjoyed your day and your followers are also happy.
Thank you once again Sir.

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Nice walk and as always end with a good meal

haha yes i've been failing on my diet.. 😥

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