Heir Habib Bugak Speaks Wakaf Bugak in Mecca

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Heir Habib Bugak Speaks Wakaf Bugak in Mecca

Bugak - stricken news in the people of Aceh about the plan of Haj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) RI take care of Land Waqaf Habib Bugak Aceh in Mecca Al Mukarramah Saudi Arabia, then on behalf of Silaturrahmi Forum Habib Bugak Aceh offspring, state as follows:

  1. Habib Abdurrahman Al Habsyi or Habib Bugak Asyi in 1224 Hijriah or 1809 AD before the Makkah Shari'a Mecca judges have given land and buildings as Waqaf Muqayyad (conditional waqaf) and not Waqaf Mutlaq. One of the requirements of the waqaf is given its benefit to the entire people of Aceh until the day of qiyamat and can not change hands to people until qiyamat. So until now this waqaf land belongs to the legitimate people of Aceh that can not be transferred to people who still have the people of Aceh, including for the family and his descendants. For the government of Indonesia

  2. In accordance with the pledge of waqaf Habib Bugak, whether the management (council of Maid)
    Waqaf has been administered by the Nadzir Waqaf Habib Bugak Council, whose appointment was from the outset directly by Habib Bugak and continued by the previous Nadzir descendants of the Aceh Ulema in Makkah. So no one is entitled to fulfill this waqaf other than Nazir which has been determined by Habib Bugak requirements earlier. So in this case the desire of PBKH RI to MANAGATE waqaf Habib Bugak by itself with pledge waqaf. Wahab waqaf recipients in this case the people of Aceh reject the plan, then there is no reason for BPKH RI to hold the plan.

  3. Last Chairman of BPKH RI has issued a statement they only wish to invest in assets waqaf Habib Bugak. If the intention is only limited to purely purposeless investment taken over the management of waqf that other investors have done with the applicable terms and conditions. then the plan can still be considered for the approval of Nazir waqaf and of course on the consideration of the Government and the People of Aceh through the DPRA. Similarly, BPKH RI was asked for transparency of immunization program in Waqaf Habib Bugak appreciation because it related to the pilgrim fund belonging to the people who need to get their approval.

  4. Appeal to the Government of Aceh and also the DPRA to be more serious with the management of waqaf in Mecca

  5. Call on all the people of Aceh to always actively monitor and criticize the development of waqaf Habib Bugak. Besides continuing to pray that always be guided by Allah and connect silaturrahmi as a form of appreciation to the services of Habib Bugak to the people of Aceh.

  6. To God we surrender all things we may get the pleasure and reward from Him. Amen.

Wassalamualaikum. www.

Bugak, March 12, 2018

Sayyid Jamaluddin Al-Habsyi.
President Forum Silaturrahmi Descendants Habib Bugak

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